Monday, January 2, 2012

January Christmas

We are having our family over for the Christmas that was skipped last week when I was a tad too sick to get out of the Hospital.  Even then I wasn't in any shape to have a party once I got home.  The first couple of days were sleep, sleep and so forth.

So for no particular reason other than everyone has the day off, tomorrow will be the day that both of my son's and their families will be here to open belated presents and have all 5 grandkids run all thru the house all at once.  Biscuit will be beside her self trying to decide who to chase!

Today, Loyce was out doing all that last minute stuff and wrapping presents that she has had for months. I was holding the chair down over in the corner trying to keep out of her way.  I did resist running the TV for most of the day, and stuck to the internet for entertainment.

But tonight, the Dallas and NY football game pulled me away from that no TV pledge.

It was a bunch cooler here today, as we had 62 on Saturday, but with a wind from the South at about 30 miles an hour.  It really reminded me of the Rio Grande Valley for the day.  But today we were in the 40s all day and that wind seemed to still be here.  Of course since this is Kansas, the sun was shinning both days, but that can be a bit deceiving at 40 degrees and windy.

I have had the bread machine out for the last couple of days, practicing up to make a fairly good loaf.  It has been a couple of years since I have made bread, and it was a skill that was not lost.  I think we just got tired of the home made stuff all the time and got lazy and bought Wal Mart Bakery bread instead.

So messing with that has kept me entertained as well.  Cutting off a big ole slice of hot bread and slathering it with butter and honey can keep a man's attention fairly well.  I thought about Bayfield Al's peanut butter, but refrained since that practice is hard to stop once started..........

So perhaps we will have two Christmas' in 2012 this year,  if we live that long........anyway.

Retired Rod


  1. Yep, that peanut butter habit is a hard one to stop alright but that fresh warm home made bread slathered with honey would do me just fine. I always make my thick peanut butter sandwiches with lots of honey on em.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling a touch better Rod!

  3. I love fresh bread that I make at home - no store bakery can compare. I'm glad you can have a belated Christmas with family, and hope it doesn't wear you out.

  4. Merry Christmas to you guys! Great way to spend the day. Fresh bread is the greatest! I can smell it now. Thanks.

  5. Glad you were feeling up to make the bread. But boy did that sound good. We're trying not to eat so much bread at our house (all those carbs) and bread is just about my favorite food of all time. Take care and don't overdo.


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