Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Car wash and the bread maker arrives.

Too much fun, as I booted the lap top, and windows 7 continues to ask me to run yet more updates.  I just declined to get started today because I was afraid that it would become another all day deal.  I still have enough band width left on our Verizon Air Card this month, but my will power just wasn't into it.

I jumped on the motor scooter and motored up to the office here in the RV park.  I was told to report up at the office when I got back.  This morning, I thought it was about time that I went up there and did what they wanted.

They asked when I got back, and I answered last week.  They asked what day, and I wasn't sure, perhaps it was Thursday.............  Heck, I don't remember, I'm retired........  So they just recorded it.  But Loyce was telling me it was Monday when we got here and I wasn't all that truthful.

All they are going to do is prorate a $30 charge, what's a day or two one way or the other.....?  Well she was going to go straighten it out, but then I saw on the email that Wal Mart's site to store had received my bread maker......  I grabbed the car and headed out.

Stopping by the car wash, I ran the very dirty car thru the automatic wash.  They have an area where you can dry the car and have free vacuums.  We had a mud rain again last night, where you get about a tenth of an inch of very muddy rain.  Man I was glad to get that cleaned up.

Back to the site to store experience.  I had to go to the back of the store where the service desk is used mostly for prospective employees applications.  I showed the email on my phone to the clerk, and she typed in the numbers.  Excusing herself, she headed back into the warehouse.  Returning with a box, she began attacking it with scissors.  She explained that the product was inside the brown pasteboard box and she is supposed to inspect it that nothing is damaged.

We were in luck as the breadmaker box was almost pristine.  She printed out a ticket and I had to sign that I had received the product, and then another receipt to get out of the store.  But I had other purchases, so I had to go thru the cashier checkout.  That gal wanted to ring up the breadmaker again, so I had to explain the site to store and show her the receipt.

She wasn't sure, and had to call a supervisor cashier.  They discussed the propriety of my paperwork, and decided that if I could get past the guard at the door, they were good with it. I paid for the yeast and flour to make bread and headed out.

Folding up the tickets for the site to store in my pocket, I just waved the receipt for the groceries at the door guard, and he waved me right thru.    Man that was easy...........

The poor motorscooter sat all afternoon, as I was away with the car and then as we opened and cleaned the new machine.  Tonight we had fresh honey wheat bread along with our supper.

After dark, I went out and covered the scooter.  It hasn't left the park yet as I am not completely pain free, and willing to do battle with the local traffic.  Every day is an improvement, but I'm not out of the woods yet.

I had hoped to go over to Quartzsite for the show this week, but riding for 3 hours over and then walking the show all day seems like too much.  Especially when you consider that it is 3 hours home again.

We are to have temps again in the mid 30s tonight, so the heaters are on!  The local news claims that warmer weather will be here tomorrow!  Yea............

Retired Rod


  1. As the song says..

    Tomorrow Tomorrow..we all wait for tomorrow...hoping that it will come.

    Somewhere in Time

    Joe and Sherri

  2. That honey wheat sure does sound wonderful especially since we've about given up bread around here because of Jim's blood sugar. It doesn't like even whole grain bread. We've used Walmarts site to store a couple of times and really like it. Next year for Q. Not much changes - same vendors as last year. I am so looking forward to the warm weather.

  3. Good to hear site to store worked out with the bread maker. Think Walmart would train staff a little better on there procedures. We had fun one time using a Walmart discover cards rebate check, took for or five store people to figure out how to apply it to the purchase. Enjoy the warmer weather.

  4. It's good to see you are up and around and feeling better. Your Walmart stories are why we don't go there.... plus I don't know about where you are, but the Walmart Stores near us are always in disarray, bathrooms despicable.... made to feel like you are a possible shoplifter as they check your receipt and look in your bag.... No thank you. I'm not saying that is Walmart in general, just those in our surrounding area here in Portland.
    Enjoy your bread maker, keep taking it easy, and happy, happy, safe travels to you.
    Betty and Joe

  5. It was over 80F in Palm Springs today so I hope the warmer weather is headed your way.

    The trouble with a bread maker is the bread is so good you can't stop eating it!


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