Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swap Meet turned out not to be a good thing.

I suggested that we go over to the big Mesa swap meet this afternoon, but Loyce was wanting to go off to another Jo Ann's fabric store.  I said that I would only get to sit in the car for several hours at these stores.  So she headed on out without me.............

Well I was ok with  that because I had my scooter pants on, and the helmet was right on the chair......  First it was off to Wendy's for a junior cheese burger and a value fries.  Its been a couple of days since I was at Wendy's and I was starting to have serious withdrawal symptoms.  LOL

After that I went to the big swap meet on the scooter.   The place was jam packed.  I never even got inside the fence before a car tried to shove me over out of the lane I was in.  It wasn't that the driver didn't see me because he looked right at me.  It was like he wouldn't give up a space for me to exist.  He was aggressive toward me and the motorcycle.  There is really nothing you can do in a situation like this, but just remove yourself.  You can't retrain the driver, just get over it.

But that kind of destroyed my frame of mind for putting up with the crowd. I went into my favorite cheap tool place and purchased a big set of slip joint water pump pliers.  I walked the C aisle.  Sort of browsing the stores, but still at a fast gate.  Faster than the other patrons, so they were kind of in my way.  I went most of the way to the opposite end and then crossed to the D aisle.

But by now, I was in the wrong frame of mind to be shopping.  I just walked back to the bike giving up on the shopping trip.  The people were in their Saturday mode, where some were power shopping, while others were doing the stroll along thing about four people wide.  Completely blocking the aisle.  I needed to get away from the experience.

After leaving the swap meet parking lot, I just rode the bike for about four miles.  The traffic was still quite crowded, but folks were better citizens and didn't push me off the street.  Eventually back in the RV park, I parked and sat outside.  Biscuit sat with me and we took an nap under the dinning canopy.  It was 79 outside, and it has been several months since we have experienced that kind of warmth.

Eventually the park rangers brought a new motorhome to the site behind us.  Of course that was excitement for the rest of us seasoned campers.  But I decided to hop on the bike and head back over to Wal Mart and purchase some small steaks for supper.  Again I was enjoying the zone of riding.  I was in my element.

When I returned, the new motorhome had its four way flashers going even thought it had been parked for a couple of hours.  I walked over and knocked on the door, but didn't get an answer.  Returning home, I sat for a while, and then noticed that several people were over at the neighbors to the East.  So I walked over there and inquired who owned the new coach.

The guy hoped up and said oh yea, I never turned off those flashers......  But then we got involved talking about motorcycles, when he noticed my hat with the Sturgis patch on it.  That took another half an hour.

The steak dinner was quite good and the door didn't get closed until about 9 PM.  Its getting warmer around here......

Retired Rod


  1. Ignorant people sure have a way of ruining a day.

    Glad to see you got over it and enjoyed your bike ride and made the rest of your day more enjoyable.

  2. rude to say the least...doesn't make for a good day at all but glad to see you recouped and enjoyed your ride..have a super week


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