Sunday, January 15, 2012

I can see Arizona over the hill!

Just watching the news and learned that Greenbay lost big time to NY!  Wow what happened to all the favorites?

Tonight finds us in New Mexico, but only 20 miles from the Arizona line in Gallup.  We arrived about 5 PM, and had to go on line and see about the pet friendly hotel.

Most were out on the farthest part of town, but this joint was right on old 66 flew the days inn flag. The office seemed OK but the actual rooms are quite old....  But they take your dog for an additional $10.  So here we are!

We are right across the street from the tracks.  Lots of them, about every ten minutes for a new train. 

I did say it doesn't take long to load up a CRV, so yes we just headed on out.   Took a big bottle of Tylenol and figured I would know in about 25 miles if it was a mistake.

Only about 280 to go now!  Can't turn back now! Closer to go to Mesa now!

Be there mid afternoon. Yea!

Retired Rod


  1. You two don't mess around when someone says "go," do ya? Keep on going along...safely and with glad hearts!
    It'll be nice to hear you're back in town.


  2. yeahhh your almost safe....!! will be watching for your arrival announcement

  3. New Mexico already, must be Union Pacific, try to keep up with the intermodals(trailers)they let em run 79 mph now like Amtrak.That'l get you to the MH in a hurry.BUT the old Sarge says be careful out there.Sam & Donna...

  4. I like spur of the moment plans like that. When you think of something, don't think about it....just do it. Soon you will be soaking soaking up some good old healing Arizona sunshine......

  5. You're doing great, Rod. It'll be nice to hit Mesa and rest up for a few days after your trip.

    At least the New England Patriots, and Tom Brady, are playing to form!

  6. Welcome back. Sorry our weather is so lousy for you. But it's definitely supposed to improve later this week.

    When you're feeling up to it, let's get together for dinner.


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