Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another fine day on the desert.

Rain?  We ain't got no stinkin rain!!  And some of the folks around here want some in the worst way!  We didn't get the normal big rains that come in the third week of January this year.  I remember a couple of years ago that the desert looked like a flood when we headed South to Tucson for the quilt show.  Now they are talking about how far behind we are in moisture.

This morning it was gray and overcast, and I was sure we would get wet before the morning was over.  We hung around and did the slow morning thing making a big breakfast and then getting showers. But as it became late morning the clouds began to break up and evaporate.

Here in the desert, the clouds don't blow away like they do in the Midwest, but they seem to just evaporate into the blue sky.   And that was the cue, to go uncover the motorscooter.

This time it was off to Wal Mart over on Signal Butte Road, to wait in line at the prescription window and turn in an order for a refill.  Wal Mart out here is not same day service, at least this one is not.  Longer time readers will remember me fighting with them over faxed in orders and phoned in voice recorded orders.  They are simply not filled at all, or perhaps they might be ready in a couple of days.

We do have a bunch of other Wal Marts here within a ten mile radius, and perhaps I should check into their turn around times, but usually we have most of our prescriptions filled in Kansas before we come, so we have just put up with the occasional script that needs filled, on the oh so slow basis.

You can write the rest of my blog for me as from there, it was back to Wendy's and off on an hour or more scooter ride in a big circle around about a five mile radius of the park.

And yes we could probably go purchase a printer, but we have so much stuff that we haul all over the place now, that we really need to keep these purchases under control for space and weight concerns.  I may copy the files off onto a stick memory and go see what it will cost to get them printed.

Our high this afternoon was 77 degrees, and that lasted for about 5 hours.  And even after 10 PM it is still 61 outside and the door is open on the side of the rig.  We grilled steaks out on the Webber Q tonight after dark, and man they were good....  Steamed broccoli and hand mashed potatoes rounded out the meal.  I'm stuffed even now........

Retired Rod

Today is my oldest son's Birthday, so Happy Birthday Chris!


  1. I got a small all in one Canon at Wal-Mart last year an MP250 for $39 it;s small enough to put in the RV and does scanning and copying, also. if something goes wrong it's throwaway. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Do you think if I stopped cooking Mike would eventually learn to cook like all you other guys????


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