Sunday, February 19, 2012

Word Verification and The RV Park.....

I see that most everyone is blogging about Google's new double word puzzle on the, prove your not a robot word verification.  Perhaps the robots have become so adept at reading the little puzzles that it must be made impossible for humans to read the hidden words as well.

Years ago, when I was taking the flight exam physical, the doctor would present me with round pictures of blotches to test for color blindness.  A number would be hidden within the picture of the blotches.  Sometimes you were supposed to see the number which proved you could see the colors, and other times if you saw the number, it proved that you were color blind.

That exam now seems just like bloggers word verification. On our blog, I turned off that verification about a year and a half ago and haven't looked back.  Sometimes the automatic spam filter will quarantine things that are really valid comments, but I have never had it allow the spam stuff into the blog.

I also have the settings set to moderate comments that are on posts that are more than 14 days old.  This is usually how the random comments appear.  On old posts.  Older than you would normally notice or watch.

With that said, be sure to go look for actual comments that folks have made on your blog, as sometimes the score they earn tosses them into the spam bucket.  Rick over in Desert Hot Springs will often use technical terms that the filter doesn't recognize, and that will get him tossed almost every time.

More often than not now days, I refrain from commenting on blogs with the word puzzle.  If I can read the words presented then I might go ahead and comment, but otherwise it isn't worth my time to make an off hand comment when I have to work so hard to get it accepted.

We have determined that we do not want a park model.  We seem to become tired of the RV Resort experience after we are here for about 6 weeks.  Things are too tight in here for us not to become claustrophobic.  We don't really mind our neighbors, but we mind that they are right over there beside us.  Our neighbor this year starts his diesel pickup every morning to go up to the coffee at the shop.  Of course he has to let it run to warm up in order to make the half mile trip to the common area......

Since we are late risers, and mostly night owls, he wakes us up every day.....  This wouldn't be any different if we were in a park model because he would still be right beside us.  Perhaps 5 feet from our big slide, or the side of the 12 wide park model.  This seems to get to Loyce more quickly than it does me, but still we are very ready to leave this park when the time comes.

We have made a reservation for next year on this site, but.................  Misgivings?

Even if we go purchase a big new motorhome for really big bucks, it would still have to be parked right here in one of these RV parks.  How does that change anything?

Retired Rod


  1. As long as there are inconsiderate people out there, you are right it will never change. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. We were having this same conversation last night--someone was outside banging around in their bins after 10pm. Back to the desert for us next year.

  3. I just left a comment on a new blog which still has the word verification. Wow, blogger definitely makes you work to leave a comment. I see why some people don't even try. I did guess the right letters, but if it hadn't worked, I'm not sure if I would have persevered.

  4. We have been following the Real Estate Market for awhile now & you would not believe some of the great deals on nice homes around Sierra Vista. Great scenic area with all the big box stores but not the mega traffic chaos of the area your in. A little winter house & property in or just outside of Sierra Vista just has to be better than any RV Park anywhere & especially near the megopolis of Phoenix for sure. Only an hours easy drive to Tucson too. If it wasn't for all the hastles & complications of me being a Canadian we would have snapped up a place in the Sierra Vista area by now for sure.....

  5. Maybe adding some solar to the top of you existing rig would give you the flexability of periodically Boondocking. You would then be able to explore at your leasure and occassionaly stop at the parks. It's in our future plans.

    It's about time.

  6. A house in a quiet area is obviously better than an RV Resort and definitely more preferable than boondocking with no amenities.

    Like you, we already have a home, and this is just a holiday for us so it's no big deal. Besides, we really prefer the RV resorts with all they have to offer - I guess that's why so many RV'ers are in them as opposed to being out in the desert somewhere.

    I tried not to use any techie words so I don't get spammed!

  7. I know how you feel about these parks but it sure has been nice to have these neighbors to help out with things while Jim is laid up. And we're not getting younger. So I try to weight both sides of the issue - a good place to park so Jim can go fishing and help is available when we need it, compared to being out in the desert where I want to be but no fishing and far from medical help. I go around and around and around but Jim is happy here in this park and our neighbors are very considerate. Maybe it's because we are such a small park.


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