Friday, February 3, 2012

Friends and Lunch

We were hanging out here at the motorhome, when all of a sudden a couple of good friends arrived.  In all fairness, they had been trying to announce their intentions on both facebook and my cell phone.  But, the cell phone was completely discharged.

I had plugged it in and made that call to the watch vendor down in Florida, and explained that the watch was broken.  Not the vendor's fault, because they sold it to Shop NBC up in Minneapolis.  But I don't trust sending it back to Shop.

Well anyway I was up town in Apache Junction all morning looking for a shipping place.   And I found one too, but it was going to cost a bundle......  I finally mailed it USPS insured.  Heck its already broken.......

We still hadn't turned on the computer to any of the social networks, rather deciding that we would go over to the other swap meet in the park where I bought my hat last week.  Just as something different.

But then John and Brenda Brown came around the corner!!  Yea, now we have something good to do...

For a while we sat out under the awning and caught ourselves up on what we didn't know from our blogs.  You RVer's out there, can you feel your ears burning???  Loyce caught a couple of candid shots.

Brenda and Biscuit are buddies.  Biscuit was going nuts, not knowing whether to go to John or Brenda or her mom, so she just ran around in circles.

JB wasn't exempt from Loyce's camera either, but took a pretty good shot so all was well.

Once we had the world's problems solved, we decided to go over to Fuddruckers, since we had planned that on the blogs a few days before.  But I had to go and mess it up by going early last night........

Well now a burger is good to go any time with Retired Rod, and Loyce just had a salad last night so we were headed out again.  NO Problem!!

We stayed over there well past lunch time and well into the afternoon, but we all had other things that needed to get done, so after promising to get back together again in the upcoming days, we parted for other errands.

I'm not sure what we did for the rest of the afternoon, but Loyce wanted to see where that park was that had the other swap meet.  So we buzzed up there......  The second we entered the place, she was instantly reminded that she didn't like the place..........Oops,  I was encouraged to leave right away.

One thing I didn't do today, was get the bucket out and wash on the RV.  Yep, had enough of that yesterday to keep me satisfied for a couple of days anyway.

Oh, and a big thanks to JB for spreading some of those Canadian  $$$ on the counter to pay off our lunch.  Loonies buy lunch just fine, I am here to report.  But now we have to figure out how to get even on this deal.  But I have a few ideas.....

Retired Rod


  1. Good to see you got to spend the day with John & Brenda, Now there's a guy with a real ranch, would like to meet up with them someday. Hope all goes well with your watch exchange. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. JB and Brenda are the best--looks as if Brenda does love that Biscuit.

  3. I so enjoyed our visit. There is no reason to get even Mister lol. I can't wait for you to come to Dog Pound South.

    Take Care and I was so happy to see you both looking so well.


  4. JB sure looks like one happy cowboy having his picture taken - ha, ha!

    Nice to see photos of JB, Brenda and Biscuit again.

    Sure hope you made sure those burgers were the deluxe kind with Canuck Loonies footing the bill.

  5. how nice you spent time together...we can't wait to meet JB and Brenda :) sounds like you had a great day!!! Keep it up


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