Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stalking bloggers!

Isn't it amazing how us RVers seem to be on the same page and book even though we have never met in person.....?

Today that was exactly how it was!

For several years I have been reading Gordon and Juanita's Seeing the USA in our Chevrolet  on My Trip Journal.  Gordon has been writing the blog off and on for several years, and we have sent comments and emails when the mood strikes us but nothing overly serious.

Gordon did drop a comment once about getting together sometime this winter, but then I had to go back to KC and get worked on.  Before we left, I had driven thru the little park they are staying in, so I knew where it was, but they weren't home on that day.  So as I was out and about on the scooter looking at items down in the San Tan Village Sam's Club, I came straight North up Val Vista.

I thought I would slip thru their park again and see if they were home.  Well..........the truck was gone again, but the door was open....  I don't like coming un announced, so I thought well maybe later, but as I was going around the end of the row, there right in the middle of the street was Gordon.

Now keep in mind, we have never met in person........  And I pull up on a motorscooter, and open my visor on the helmet and say here's the fellow I was looking for!  And he's walking Abby too.  Gordon kind of stared at me and said your Rod!  And I still had the full face helmet on....

This began the full on conversation that lasted for a couple of hours.  The bike was parked and went cold.  Juanita came home from quilt shopping and then we started over again.  But it was beginning to be late, and supper time was approaching.  Remember, I was un announced and was just going to shake his hand and introduce myself.

So, with the blogs, its like we have known each other for several years............  I hope we can put together some additional time with these folks, and perhaps have Loyce get to know Juanita.  They are both quilters, so that shouldn't be too hard.  But schedules of us retired folks are complicated you know........

Retired Rod


  1. Your last line actually made me chuckle. I have now a number of friends (yes, I do have a few friends, it does seem unbelievable, I know) who have retired, and I would say half of them now have to keep appointment books, 'cause they're so freakin' busy!
    Of course, there are some less than sharp memories in the mix there too, so it's always best to have stuff written down, but it just still just makes me chuckle.

  2. Great story Rod! We have made the best of friends while traveling in our RV.

  3. If you meet up again, say hi to Gordon and Juanita for me. :)

  4. Aren't they just the greatest folks. Got to meet up with them in Camp Verde but haven't found the time to get together yet here. And I am so in love with Abbey. She is such a pretty beagle.

  5. Oh how fun. We are now visiting with our very first RV friends we met in 2007 at a camping world just outside of Denver when we had to stop and get our roof on the Motor Home fixed. They were kind enough to stop in for a few days here a DPS.

    Take Care and see you two soon

  6. Rod...it was a pleasure to finally meet in person. We have a good breakfast spot in mind for our next get together before we both move on down the road. As with you, however, the retirement calendar is filling rapidly do we had better book the space soon. :-)

    Hi back to our friend Judy!!

  7. We met Gordon, Juanita and Abby on the Oregon Coast last spring and had a few great visits with them. Say hi from us if you happen to see them again.

  8. Great story - hope you get together again and enjoy each others' company.

  9. I know what you mean. Once I was in a Walmart and a lady came up to me and said are you Speedy? At once we knew each other and I had never seen her! The same thing happened to me when I was in Shreveport at the Diamond Jacks Camp Ground I had a couple there recognize me and we too struck up a conversation. Small world when you are a fulltime RVer.

    Joe and Sherri


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