Sunday, February 5, 2012


A slow and easy day, that started in the low 40s but with lots of sun.  It was kind of cool when I went to the bathroom complex in the morning.  I wimped out and drove the car up there.  The scooter still had its cover on and I didn't disturb it until mid afternoon.

We had that slow morning where taking Biscuit out became the highlight of the day.  But eventually Loyce declared that she was going on a shopping trip, and as usual, I bid her a "have a good time!"

I was determined to go ride the bike some more, but somehow after she left, I was reading the computer and fell off to sleep.  I hate it when that happens.  Well once back incharge of things, I ran into some fellow outside that were discussing the problems of Tiffin motorhomes and Red Bay experiences.  That wasted another half an hour......

Motorhomes are anything but perfect and Red Bay folks have their fair share of problems.  Everyone needed to tell their tales of how things need to be made better.  Oh, and how they had to pay to get stuff fixed that should have never gone wrong in the first place.

Eventually I did get out on the scooter, and rode over to the Mesa Swap meet.  This time I wasn't accosted by inconsiderate drivers.  So with an improved attitude, I walked more of the first two aisles of shop booths.  Of course I have seen all these places many times, but I wasn't finding the  shops that I wanted.

But eventually in aisle B I found the cell phone accessory store.  I was certain I was in aisle A, but its in  B now.  Anyway I purchased a new cell phone charger for the car.  My old one still works, but the insulation on the wires is broken.  Its only a matter of time before the wires themselves give up and it is right at the ends where repairs can't be made.

I looked at all the other stuff in these two front aisles, but didn't find anything that couldn't be left behind.  With the late start, shop owners were packing up their tables for the day anyway, so I made my way back to the scooter.

Everyone was leaving at the same time, and the row of cars was backed up all the way to the back lot.  Stop and go traffic on the motor scooter is not a fun thing.  You sit there holding the bike upright, rolling forward a few car lengths and then stop and sit some more.  I just came back home thinking that Loyce would be back, but she wasn't.

So I enjoyed sitting outside under the dinning canopy.  It really never warmed up all day, but the airport recorded 70 for a couple of hours in the late afternoon.  Later as the sun was dropping out of the sky in the West, I went again on the scooter for some groceries that we had forgotten, and it was quite cool by then.  Once the sun is down, it is time to put the scooter away here in early February.......

Retired Rod


  1. It really has been cold here in the mornings. And the minute that sun goes down I put on my heavy sweatshirt. Sure am glad the temps are going up this week.

  2. Florida is lovely in the daytime..but cool at night...I love the nights cool makes it easier to sleep....take care hope the days warm up soon for you


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