Monday, February 27, 2012

Visiting the Ranch!!!

What a nice day we had today!  We were invited to spend the afternoon with John and Brenda Brown and their other residents!  You know the dogs and the horses............  We had never been there before, so I had recorded their address in the GPS and like usual, I drove right on past the correct corner!

But soon there was Brenda opening the big gate on the front of their place and the dogs raced out to great us.  We had never met Mac the big Rottweiler, but he is the most lovable fellow that one could find.  And Meg had to become re associated with Biscuit.  A few smells and such and all was good.

I went out to meet and greet the horses, as the sun was warm in the high 70s.   John soon came and official introductions were made to the animals.  At first they were not too sure about that fat noisy guy from Kansas, and gave me the Leary eye.  Who's this dude think he is?  But eventually Blue let me rub his head and brow.  He was after me to feed him something, but I hadn't thought to bring the carrots.

Hangin out on the Ranch House Patio!

Where did the time go?  The afternoon passed so quickly, but it was time for the late afternoon dinner, and Brenda didn't disappoint.  We had ribs bar be cued on the grill with twice baked cheesy potatoes and spinach tossed fruit salad.  Round that all off with garlic bread freshly toasted......

Ribs on the Barbie!!

And just when I thought they would have to roll me out to the truck, bowls of freshly baked warm apple pie topped with cinnamon and ice cream ala mode...........  Oh, my heavens...........!

John kept the dogs busy after dinner tossing the ball with a long arm thrower.  He was able to pitch it about 100 yards, as the dogs took off in a scramble to see who would get there first.  Meg the boarder collie anticipates the throw and runs ahead, which allows her to get there first almost all the time.  We were surprised to see Biscuit join in this game running as fast as her short little legs could carry her.  Of course she never got the ball, but I think she was just chasing the big dogs and having the time of her life doing it.

So as the sun began to fall, we said our good byes and headed back to the far East end of the city with our bellies full and our memories warm, on such a delightful sunny Sunday afternoon.  Thank you John and Brenda......

Retired Rod


  1. Looks like you had a great day with some great blogger friends.We hope to get out that way someday soon. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. A good day! That Brenda can sure feed, can't she?

  3. We had such a good time visiting with you guys.

    It was sure fun to watch biscuit running with the other dogs. I will send you some pictures that I took.

    Can't wait until next time.

    Hugs to you and Loyce

  4. What a fun day for everybody. Especially Biscuit. And the weather cooperated which makes it even better.

  5. Wow...those ribs look great! Glad you enjoyed your day.

  6. Glad you had a good time visiting the ranch, and a great meal with good company. Sounded like the perfect day.


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