Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reflections and Friends

Its interesting how some folks will just say, I'm going to call the repair man when this happens and other folks won't allow the repair guy anywhere near the RV.  I think it is the difference in people mostly.  Some folks are mechanically minded and feel like they should know how to fix these things, and others want to instinctively leave it to someone who has done it before.

Now in my younger years, there was very few jobs that I would surrender to the repair folks.  Even if I didn't know how to do the work, I wanted to learn how.  But in these days of highly specialized electronic controls it is almost impossible to just figure it out!  The programming alone requires the manual.  Not just the operators manual, but the service manual that explains the service man's menu, that an operator normally doesn't see.  Yes, that is the proverbial back door.

So in my toilet scenario, I felt confident that I could get the fixture out of the rig and back in, so I tackled that part.  But I trusted the professional to disassemble the toilet and put in the new parts.  Again, he had the experience doing the job numerous times.  That way he got it back together and working at his shop.

And the washer and hose clamp are just par for the repair course.  But of course, the professional would have had the washers and things right on his truck.  It did turn out to be cheaper that I took the fixture over to his shop, but I promptly spent what I saved on an LP hose to hook up my gas grill on the fixed RV tank.  In a way I earned the hose by doing some of the work myself.  Everyone needs to make these decisions in their own case and comfort level.

At least the bathroom floor is still dry a day later, and I think that is still success!!!

Today we were out in the RV park, and ran across a couple that we were camped with last year!  Andy and Keith.  We were excited to see them again and hadn't connected our schedules yet this winter.  So they walked over to our rig and we sat out under the awnings.  We had a bunch to catch up on and the time was gone before you knew what happened.

Of course  we promised to go out for a meal and follow up, but we will only have a few more days here, but then we are only moving a couple of miles away so who knows.  We have a couple of appointments that are related to the purchase of the new house, as well as move the rig, so our plate is somewhat full on the short term.

This afternoon, we were up to 82 outside and the RV was well over 90 inside.  I came back with sandwiches mid afternoon, and Loyce was withered with the temperature inside.  So we broke down and started the A/Cs.  They only ran for about 3 hours, and then the sun went over the horizon.  Now its in the middle of the night, and I need to start the heater.....  Welcome to winter in the desert......

Retired Rod


  1. Jim is a fix it man but occasionally he will break down and just let the expert do the job. But only after he has tried to do it himself. We definitely haven't turned our A/C on yet. I'm loving the weather. But hang onto your hat on Monday.

  2. I have found that there are certain job's even the repair man pays to have done,If it's not beyond my physical limitations I still tack thing's like axle shafts and front wheel bearings on my truck, but I have already told my son I have taken my last front wheel drive transaxle out. Just have to know your limits. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Not being mechanically minded, it's call in the experts for me.

  4. Great job with your recent repair...I used to be much more willing and able to tackle just about anything, but I am learning my limitations!

  5. For me, it all depends on what I know about a product. For instance, I would never take one of our computers into a repair shop as I feel I can do whatever needs to be done myself.

    When it comes to anything mechanical (vehicles etc.) - I'm lost!!

    RV's? It depends!

  6. Rick is definitely our fix it man..and will tackle anything and is very mechanically I usually watch in a nervous state and suggest calling a repair man lol.....cause thats what I'd do lol


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