Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heck yes we got some rain...

Commenter Renee, don't blame me, I'm not the one that wants to leave Yuma so fast, and I will pass it along that there is now a Jo Ann's in town.  But that wouldn't have changed the fact that Loyce wanted to go back home.  It is the motel experience and the fact that the dog never goes to sleep all night that causes us to be so out of our element when we are on the motel road.

I'm certainly not sure why we needed to get home so fast because we didn't do a thing here today.  Remember that forecast rain?  It was overcast as the first light came up but no rain.  But as we were having our breakfast it began to do the mud sprinkle bit.

I thought that it would be over in a minute or so and I would have a big mess to contend with.  But to my surprise, it began to really rain.  The temperature hadn't changed all day.  It was 55 when we got up and it was 55 late in the afternoon.

It was all day boredom.  Computers blazing and rain running down the windshield.  Finally at about 4 PM I declared a Wal Mart run was needed.  Loyce jumped at the chance.

Not much interesting at the Wal Mart, but at least it was a different store down in Queen Creek about 9 miles away from here.  Usually that store is not so jam packed, but this afternoon the lot was very full.

We both take a basket and go make our selections, and then kind of compare to see if we have duplication but also we agreed on milk eggs and bread ahead of time.  I was done and back out in the car fairly quickly.......

Quick enough to have a family pull in beside the car and toss a whole tray of McDonalds burgers and fries out the window right beside the door of our car.  There must have been 25 of those little catsup packages that were partially opened and squirted into a red slimy mess.

Before long the folks were back out of the store and jumped over the mess on the ground like it wasn't theirs and left.  Not me man, I didn't do that.........

The next car that pulled in slammed into the packages and squirted the entire side of our car with red slime, clear up to the middle of the driver's window.  By the time Loyce came out, I was fuming.......  Not at her but at peoples inconsideration...

Tonight we are back into winter conditions as the forecast is for 41 degrees and tomorrow night it is for 37.

Retired Rod


  1. You meet them all at Wally World my friend. I feel you pain and I too would like to put my hands around their throats! OH well it takes all kinds to make this world go round.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. I have been known to get out of my vehicle and pick up "their" trash right in front of them... you don't have to say a word... they (maybe) get the message...(but more likely think I'm a chump and are just laughing). As you say, people sure can be inconsiderate!

  3. In this town, disposable diapers are thrown out everywhere. At WM one day I observed a gal throw one out next to my rig and head into the store. I unrolled it and put it under her windshield wiper to welcome her back to the car. Will she learn anything from it? Probably not!!
    Don in Okla.


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