Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cooler but out with the bike..

The day started bright and sunny, but the temp gauge on the dash of the motorhome only read 44 degrees even though it was 10 AM.  The wind was still whipping the flag on the back of the motorhome behind us.  They have the big flag pole that has a US and Oklahoma full sized flag flying well above their rig.

On windy nights we can hear those flags in our bed a full site over and across the back of the lots.  I can't imagine how much noise that would make with the flag pole fastened directly to the roof ladder of the coach.  Wouldn't those flags make quite a racket?  In stronger winds anyway?

But before long I couldn't stand it and was out with the dog.  She was on her airplane cable at the front of the coach attacking the folks that walked by on the street and I was uncovering the motorscooter.

I rode in the park for a while and went to the office to pick up some mail,  and messed around some more.  Before long it was out in the neighborhoods, but I had put on a light jacket and then the motorcycle suit and helmet.  It was now almost 60 but at speed it still was cool.

After some time, I ended up over on Signal Butte, and went to the IN and OUT Burger.  I love watching the employees as they clean and skin the fresh potatoes.  Then they smash them thru the long handled french fry cutter.  It was almost comical, because they had the very smallest gal in the entire place ramming the long handle home as she expertly dispatched each potato in machine like fashion.

I watched her cut 25 spuds as I was counting, but then my double double came up......  A serious departure from a Wendy's little junior cheese, that I normally eat.  I took one home for Loyce but not the big bag of fries.

We spent most of the afternoon in the laundry here in the park, not exactly exciting......  So there went the rest of the day.  The poor bike just sat for the afternoon..

Retired Rod


  1. I end up making my meals in the kitchen. Sherri has been gone for three days and I am waiter cook and bottle washer for now.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Never had an IN & Out burger, heard they were good , maybe someday when we get out west again.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  3. Now Rod when you say WE spent most of the afternoon at the laundry do you really mean Loyce did or do you help with the laundry?. Just curious lol.

    Have fun

  4. WE also do the LAUNDRY Rod..Rick head to the laundry area and I think about him while hes there :)


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