Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Staying in Mesa

OK, some where over the weekend, we decided that we really do need to stay right here in the Mesa Apache Junction area for the next few weeks.  We have managed to get ourselves into activities that require our presence here.  I'll explain that in the next few posts, but for now it was Monday morning and I needed to go see about renewal of our site.

I buzzed right up to the office on the scooter...  And then the man behind the counter dropped the bomb shell on me.....  Our site was rented to another fellow on March 1st...  "Well, can't you put us somewhere else?"  He looked and looked, but because we have the doggy that limits us to only about a third of the sites in the park.  "Nope, not an available pet spot in the park until about the 9th......." " I guess you are just going to have to leave........."

I sped home to pass that bit of information on to Loyce, as we tried to decide what we needed to do about this outcome.

Now first of all, it is our fault that we didn't make a longer reservation into March when we paid the down payment.  But that was way last year in February of 2011.  It never even dawned on me that I wouldn't be able to extend into March.  I guess I am much smarter about staying at the popular  RV park in Mesa for the winter.  The winter does include March for folks that come from farther North than we do.

But when you are uncertain about your health and ability to even be here, and then do have to return for surgery in December and January when you were not expecting it, your plans are very up in the air.  So here we are on the 20th of February having just received the boot from our RV park........... With money and time all used up...   So in a little over a week the idling diesel truck next door will not be a problem for us any more.

I rode around the area checking out other parks on the scooter.  Same deal, we have a few spots, but none in the doggy area.  Then I hit a stroke of luck, as one of the encore parks suggested his older sister park in Old Apache Junction.  I rode there straight away.

The thing about this park is that it has changed to be all pet friendly.  It is older and even tighter than most of the other  parks, and so the spots are not deep enough to handle rigs over 35 feet.  But the lady sent out a caretaker to measure one spot that had folks leaving on the 1st.  And......he said up to 40 feet would work if we were right against the motorhome behind us and didn't mind the nose really close to the street.

Actually the site has more concrete on it than we have here,  as it used to have an older park model situated on it.  I took Loyce over with the car.  Her reaction to the whole place, was that we were only going to be there a couple of weeks so just get on with what you have to do.......  I know she wasn't a bit excited..........

So with a small deposit, we are now in possession of a reservation at the Golden Sun RV Park in Apache Junction.  You can't miss us, as I think we will be one of the biggest rigs in the entire place........

And be careful what you tire of, as you may just get your way and have to leave, just like your original plan..............

Retired Rod


  1. It would take me a little while longer to tire of mild weather. Hope it all works out for you guys, make sure and check the pad with a mine detector. Like they Used to call it.Never had to use one, but then again you probably never had to shoot sidweinders that were dropped in the ocean during replenishment, we ended up putting a net around them with a swimmer,(me) and recovering them to be thrown away later because they were wet.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Yikes where is the time going. We have to have you guys for dinner.

    I am glad you found a spot even though it is not a great one.

    Take Care

  3. You could always move to Usery Mountain. They allow pets but there's no sewer hookup. Washrooms are clean and modern (at least they were in 2008)!You have to move every 2 weeks but as long as there are spots available you just move to another spot.

  4. You aren't going to be very far from our favorite bar - Superstition Skies. Glad you found a place. I know our pet section is full. Having a loving companion really limits our choices in this area.

  5. wow so sorry you couldn't extend...good thing when booking reservations and they ask how many adults I always say two and two little dogs..glad you were able to find a place ..one less thing to stress about...


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