Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Chasing around Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert and Apache Junction.......

As I have explained before, we have been thru the process of building a home from the bare lot at least six times before.  Some of these properties were partially constructed when we joined the project, and others were bare lots.  And in one extreme case, I was the accountant for the builder when we acquired the farm property and developed the lots and streets.  I was much younger back then!

One of the biggest things to get done is the selection of most of the decor, and that is what is holding us here in the Mesa area now.  And perhaps the 80 degree weather............. do you suppose?

Today however we are to meet with the low voltage wiring people and decide where outlets and such will be located in the walls and rooms.  The builder's agent made an appointment over in West Chandler for us at a security company.  It took the best part of an hour on the cross town freeways to find and arrive on time.

And when we got there, the fellow wasn't there.......  Seems he wanted to meet us over in the housing development, in the model house.  That was 26 miles back to where we had come from!  Now maintain your calm  Rod.......  You are retired,  start back.   But then as we were driving back, we needed gas and had to stop.  Gas here is $3.79 now, so even 12 gallons requires a bank withdrawal.

But what we found somewhat frustrating, was that we received a call from this fellow wanting to know where we were.....  Loyce told him he had run us out of gas and we were at the station purchasing more.

When we did arrive at the model home, he was falling all over himself apologizing for sending us on a Phoenix goose chase.  We did decide to install several TV cable and data wires and the security system with its up link.  We had to sign up for three years of service to get it put in for free.  But since we will not be here for much of the year, we felt it was a good thing to have.

Also we went thru another model where we had not been inside before and liked the color scheme.  This will give us some more ideas for our meetings on Thursday.  And yes that is the same day that we have to move parks.

We are going to be busy on that day......

It was very sunny again today, but the wind died back to just a breeze.  Quite cool as well with a high temperature of only 63.  Tonight it is to be in the low 40s which will require the heaters again.

Retired Rod


  1. Thank you Rod for such kind comments on my meal for you and Loyce.

    Until we built our house on the farm I had know idea what it was all about.

    I am so excited for you and can't wait until next fal so we can come an seel. We will be there with bells on. So don't forget to invite us over because you know we will show up lol.

  2. Boy buying or building a house is such a pain, and what a way to start, I would have been burning too.I think I would make sure there was a clear area for a wifi signal as long as you are putting other cables in. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. How greatly exciting that all sounds to me. I would love getting in on the planning stage of something like that. What a great way to fill in large blocks of idle time & what a great creative challenge to be on the ground floor in making all those decisions. Now you have something productive to focus on. Maybe just what the Doctor ordered eh:))

  4. butterbean carpenterFebruary 29, 2012 at 3:20 PM

    Howdy Rod,
    After being a homebuilder for over 30 years I'm not really intent on following the lies, scams & double talk you're going to go through.. Two of my sons have built new homes in the last ten years and I can't begin to tell you what all they were forced to have to 'eat' from so-called 'builders'!! GOOD LUCK, if you have any!!!


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