Saturday, February 4, 2012

Drug store cruising!

After talking to our nurse assigned to follow me by the insurance company today, she had suggested a certain kind of a product.  She told me to go get it at the drug store....

So I hopped on the scooter and went to the local Walgreens.  Never heard of it......  Then to CVS which was a little farther......  Nope never heard of it.  By now I was completely up town in old Apache Junction, where I stopped at an older Walgreens.  And of course they didn't have as many products as the new stores had, but!

The pharmacist knew exactly what I needed and told me that no drug store would carry that product.  Heck it is just a little alcohol style pad in a foil pack, but it has different chemicals than alcohol on the pad.  But still it is special and needs to come from a medical equipment place.

A second pharmacist told me to go to the very center of the old part of town and in an oldest shopping center there would be a DME company.  Next to Fat Daddy's Pizza..  That took a bunch of time to go find.  But eventually I spotted it.

This is back on the main street thru town where the expansion joints of the road are buckled from the summer sun.  They are like driving over little speed bumps every ten feet. Eww..  But eventually I found the place and the product.  Not cheap!!!  $25 a box for some little wipes.......  Anything medical is bigggggg $$$$$$$.

So after the shock of the price, I rode over to the local Wendy's.  Ordered the smallest burger as I thought it was all I could afford after the DME store.   But then I remembered that I had a Fudds yesterday and John B bought, so I felt all better about the cheap burger...... LOL.

Anyway after riding all over Apache Junction and parking numerous times, and taking off the helmet and jacket to go into the stores, I was just happy to arrive back at the motorhome.  I finally could relax again..

Not much else happened around here today, and it was much cooler as our high temperature was only 66, but my friend in Des Moines was quite quick to point out on skype tonight that he would gladly trade that for his rainy snow and below freezing temps scheduled for tonight and tomorrow.

I guess I wasn't getting much sympathy there............  But we are supposed to be back up into the 70s again tomorrow.  No rain in sight on the ten day forecast............... Ya....

Retired Rod


  1. Even the alcohol swabs aren't cheap, I use one for the test spot each day, just can't be to safe. Sam & Donna..

  2. Fat Daddy's makes a pretty good pizza. We wandered in there a few years ago.

  3. I have no idea where you were. I'm going to have to try and find Fat Daddy's. And I will sympathize with you on the weather. It was definitely not as warm as I like it.

  4. $25 - that's a lot of burgers! Glad you found the right place though!

  5. glad you were able to get your wipes no matter what the cost....and a burger to boot!!! I so remember the days of on the bike off the bike helmet on and helmet off....sadly I must be getting old as I sure don't miss it...take care


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