Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Computer files and shopping on the scoot

Loyce and I spent the morning downloading some pattern files that she had purchased from a sewing web site.  We only had one time to download these files, because once downloaded, they are turned off and you can't go back again.

We were both nervous that we would not get them correctly.  I did manage to get the files saved on my hard drive and then emailed them back to Loyce's computer so she could look at them.  She needs them printed out somehow, but we don't travel with a printer.  I am not a member of the computer club here in the park either, so perhaps I can take the files to the local office max or something.

Then it was outside to wash the utility trailer with the brush and long handled pole.  Its white, and never seems too dirty, but the water ran very black as I soaped the white sides.  It is much cleaner now....

By then it was mid afternoon, and a Wendy's trip on the scooter was in order, with a sandwich in a bag to be returned to Loyce.  The remainder of the afternoon was spent out on the scooter.  We reached 73 today and the afternoon was breezy but quite nice for riding.

I stopped at various stores and did some grocery shopping at the Wal Mart way up in the North part of Mesa where we used to shop when we stayed at Mesa Spirit.  Is there such a thing as becoming attached to your local Wal Mart?  It seemed quite like home in that store......  Strange......

Tonight we had spaghetti and meat sauce as the results of my shopping.  I have other meals in reserve now as well.

We are to have a storm that is coming from Southern California tonight.  It is rainy over the area South of I 10 and over to Yuma.  The question is whether it will pass over Mexico or over us here in Arizona.  The weather folks seem to think it will go to our South and not give us any rain.  But most likely we will get those big blotchy mud sprinkles that will trash all of my washing on vehicles around here.

I just went out and covered the Scooter with its parking cover.......

Retired Rod


  1. I think you brought that rain on yourself! It rained here after I washed the rig but then mine is in the barn.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. You can almost buy a printer now for what it will cost you to have someone else print those patterns--not quite but close!

  3. We carry a cute small compact HP printer...cutest little thing and wasn't costly at all..great for storing as it fits in a small overhead. Hopefully you don't get too much rain...we've had a couple of overcast days here...but as long as we don't need a shovel I"m not complaining..have a super rest of week

  4. The rain missed us here in Desert Hot Springs yesterday. Hope it went to Mexico and not to Mesa!


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