Thursday, February 2, 2012

Coach washing causes big hunger.

I've been tryin to be good here in East Mesa......  Just goin over to Wendy's and buyin a double junior burger and the smallest fries........  And on some days, I manage to not go get a burger at all, rather stayin home and eatin sweet taters and the like........

And I was a doin real well today, until about 6 PM.....  An I gave in........ headed the car out to our West on Southern Ave, over past Power Rd...... and the local Fuddruckers......

Ordered the big un too.....  Well not the biggest but the half pounder and fries..  Took a lot of the fixins too.  Peppers and peco de gallo and all the rest.    Boy am I a full fellow tonight!!!!    Like I said I was tryin to be a lot better feller than that.....

I found out yesterday that washing the motorhome with the long handled brush tended to irritate the incision on the front of my abdomen.  Kind of makes it hard to sleep because of the uncomfortable irritation caused by the work.....

So, upon getting outside today, I .......  wasn't any smarter, and got out the brush and soap.  But I did kind of pace myself, washing a little slower and not stretching out so far.  My neighbor on the driver's side was gone with his black truck so I washed all of that side.

I was going to quit when I got to the back, but I still had soap in the bucket........  So the back got washed too.  I started up the passenger side, but came to my senses and poured out the remaining soapy water.  By now it was about 2 PM.

That watch I ordered was supposed to be here this afternoon, so I didn't head out on the scooter.  As I was waiting for the UPS driver I nodded off in the warm afternoon sun.  Around 4:30 the truck stopped right in front of the RV.  I was awake in a flash.

My excitement was drowned upon opening the package.

See the second hand over on the side between the two and five o'clock position?  I wonder how hard they had to drop kick that package in order to knock that hand off like that?

So now you know why I gave up and headed on out to the big burger place tonight.  Have to make a few calls in the morning.......

Retired Rod


  1. Unless you get free shipping it might be just as cheap to have a jeweler re-install the hand.Drat the luck. Be safe out their . Sam & Donna.

  2. Ordering on line is such a great advantage we have now. Being able to type in what you for it...and have it delivered to your front door and you never leave the house. get the item and it is broke or it will not fit or it is not what you ordered and then it is a nightmare to get it right. Good luck on getting the watch always have the Windy's down the road .

    Joe and Sherri

  3. Hey, we were thinking Fuddruckers was a good idea ourselves and might even be out in your neighbourhood today, BUT now you`ve gone and filled yourself up. Hope you have good luck getting the watch fixed.


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