Monday, February 13, 2012

Slipping away....

I get these hair brained ideas, and the next thing you know it were off.  Well, Loyce does a lot of complaining about me not telling her the night before so she could plan and pack up and all that sort of stuff, but hey, I didn't think of it until this morning.

So with it becoming cold and unbearable, in Mesa at 60 degrees for the day's high, what else is there to do but go farther South and West.....  Yuma!!! That's it. But we didn't take the motorhome, and only packed an overnight bag.

So here we are in the motel that I reserved on as dog friendly.  And when we arrived they tried to make me sign that I would pay $200 penalty if I brought a dog into the room.  Well folks, that's why I used to reserve a nicer dog friendly room.

Seems that they have recently changed their policy......  And evidently without giving the online folks notice.  So the manager made the exception and here we are.

We hope to slip over into Algodones in the morning for all those things that us seniors seem to want from Mexico.  You know, drugs, booze and vanilla............  LOL

I'm not sure we will stay her another night as this place was $100 for the night....  But who knows, there is always Motel 6......

Retired Rod


  1. Drugs, booze and vanilla! Sounds about right for a visit to Algodones - I just hope you're a bit more circumspect when the Border Agent asks what you bought while in Mexico. Otherwise, you might end up staying for free in some other type of accommodation!

  2. For $100 bucks a night they'd better let you have the muttzo with you. I would have really not been happy so it's a good thing they cooperated with you. We like Algodones - have a margarita for us.

  3. for 100 bucks a night they should walk the dog for you!!! Enjoy your crossing...glad you got to keep the dog in the room with you...I hate when they don't update their sites etc...and you never find out till you get there...maddening...hope you got lots of drugs booze and vanilla :)


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