Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday chores and the Super Bowl

This morning, I finally filled the bucket with soapy water and got after the rest of the motorhome.  It doesn't seem all that dirty, but it has been since November that it was washed.  In previous attempts, I had washed the front and driver's side.  Then the back and some of the back passenger side.

So in a couple of hours this morning the rest of the motorhome got scrubbed with my brush on the telescoping pole.  Washing and rinsing with the hose and nozzle.  Of course the water here in Mesa is overwhelmingly hard.  And as things dry, the white water spots appear.  But at least it is clean......

As I was cleaning up, I decided that the mat on the concrete was looking ratty and old.  That spurned the trip to Camping World.  I drove the Honda, as it is about 100 blocks back to our West, and bringing home a large door mat on the bike would not be easy.

The one that was advertised in their flyer turned out to be the woven plastic kind that I already had.  The lawn chairs seem to hook into that kind and trash it.  So I purchased one that looks more like outdoor carpet.  But not the traditional green stuff.  This is gray and shaped 6 x 15.  I wanted something wider, but the 8 foot wide was 20 feet long and cost twice as much.

Perhaps I will return and purchase a second mat that will make things 12 feet wide.  But for now, I was able to cover the concrete outside our door, and move the older mat to the rear of the coach.  These mats work wonders in keeping the inside of the rig cleaner.

Later in the afternoon it was out on the scooter to go to Wendy's and the grocery store for some chips and cheese dip.  You have to have some finger food for the Super Bowl, and usually we stay out of the cheese dip.  But not today, as this is special watching the game...........  Your buying that aren't you??

Anyway we enjoyed the game, especially because it went right down to the final play of the game.  Because we are from the Midwest, we didn't have a team in the race, so it didn't make any difference which team won, but the Patriots must be somewhat shell shocked to loose again after four years ago's loss after a perfect season..  That's sports!

We reached a high of 73 today as I was riding the scooter around in the housing sub division to our South over the divided expressway.  It is what causes so much noise if we sit here with all the TVs and fans off.  But now at 11 PM it is back to 50.   Again it will be in the low 40s by morning.

We are looking forward to each day as it will become warmer little by little......

Retired Rod


  1. We usually stay out of the cheese dip too but like you guys I made some to munch on while watching the Super Bowl.

  2. We had lots of snacks and once in a while turned from the snack trays to take a gander at the game on the tube.

    Well I guess that term for a TV is no longer valid. No tube anymore.

  3. we had the snacks and the remote mute during the game and unmuted for commercials and Madonna's performance...:) have a super week


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