Friday, February 10, 2012

Country Stores

Thursday is country store day here in our park, and as I learned two weeks ago it is also the same up in the View Point RV Park a couple of miles North of here.  Loyce wanted to see the View Point flea market first, so we set out.

It isn't all that far up there, and we were our usual un punctual selves arriving about 11ish.  We spent about an hour looking at everything on all the tables.  Loyce purchased a few items, but I wasn't following her, so I have no idea what she bought.

Eventually I went back to the car and brought it up to the back door where we had entered the ball room.    It wasn't long and she was out of there and walking toward me.  We drove around the newer part of the park to remind us of the alternatives to the campsite here in Valle Del Oro.

But soon we were back here at our home park and conveniently our country store lasts until 1 PM and was still in full swing.  So we parked and went inside of our ball room.  The store here at Valle Del Oro is atleast twice the size of the other park.  The entire parking area has outdoor vendors the full length of the parking lot.

Also our pool area in the center of the buildings are filled with tables as well.   Again, I didn't find anything that I wanted but I did find my hat man back outside by the pool.  So he has returned to VDO rather than setting up at View Point.

Later in the afternoon, I copied Loyce's pattern PDF files to a thumb drive.  After about an hour over at the local Staples store, I had a pile of 100 plus pages of pattern.   Together with a Valentine card she had her patterns and I had a gift that she really wanted, but had given up on receiving until we got home.

Oh, and I stood in line for over an hour over at Wal Mart to pick up that prescription, only to stand some more to have the pharmacist explain the prescription to me.  I have taken the pills for several years, so waiting for another 15 minutes for the gal to finally get off of the phone and weed thru the second line of us waiting, seemed like quite a waste......

Retired Rod


  1. We seem to have the same problemwith our drug store as well. Having moved from our home to the apartment, we also moved our drugstore. Mind you it is a chain under the same banner (Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada) No matter how often you get the same Prescription they always want to do a consult. They must be able to charge the insurances more for the meds that way. It's still a Big Pain!

    It's about time.

  2. I always refuse the consultation with the pharmacist, especially if I'm getting a refill of a prescription I've taken before.

  3. I went to WalMart this morning and thought I'd pick up my prescription - NOT!! There must have been 30 people in line and they only had one person checking people out. I was so disgusted I left. Thank goodness I don't need it until next month. Just so frustrating.

    Our park is having a patio sale tomorrow morning but I don't think there's going to be very much stuff for sale. I may get out and check it out but maybe not.

  4. Paulette does her own pattern copying at Staples. I sure hope she doesn't find out you do it for Loyce!


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