Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kicking back Saturday.

After being all over the last couple of days messing around at the swap meets, today we sat around and enjoyed the weather.  The second that the sun came out, it was already warm...

We sat and had breakfast but no one had anywhere to go..  Loyce was working with her patterns and the folks that were sending them to her on the Ipad, and I was laying low.

I'm not sure where the day went, but by about three in the afternoon we were up to 82.... Man that it was hot!!!   LOL  Lets see, my friend Rick would say "its frying pan hot!"  Well anyway it was really nice, and the motorhome was quite a bit hotter than it was outside.  We had to turn on the stand fan, but never started the AC.  I sat outside under the dinning canopy as the palm trees waved in the warm breeze.  I had a cool lemonade.

So I knew how the remedy that warm, SCOOTER RIDE!!   And of course it was air conditioned in Wendy's, but after that I rode around South of Wal Mart over on Signal Butte.

The sun went down and it began to cool off for the night.  But according to the weather forecast it is to be much cooler in the morning.  We are expecting much cooler for the next week.  They are calling 59 for a high by Tuesday and back into the 30s that night.    Maybe it will change before we get to Tuesday  one can hope....

Retired Rod


  1. Rod it's 17degrees as I type this here in Dardenne Prairie , Glad you had a nice hot day, I sure could use a few and a pool to jump in too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. I know your standards for such things are higher down there in the desert, ;) but a high of 59 sounds perfectly heavenly to me!! :)


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