Friday, February 17, 2012

Sick, but not completely!

We seem to have some sort of a malady here at the RV.  First it effected me, and I thought it was surgery related, except it bothered my digestion.  I took off and went to Yuma anyway thinking it was only short term.  But it has caused a dull headache and nasty feeling of low energy.

Then on the day I went over into Mexico, I was dizzy and off balance.  Loyce drove the car, and she just wanted to go back to the RV.  But she didn't feel bad, yet...

I kind of got over it on Wednesday, and we did some little stuff but late in the afternoon Loyce was complaining of the head ache and not feeling well.  So we have been laying low......

Today was country store again, but Loyce only ducked up to talk to one of the lady vendors for a few minutes.  And after a little while we went over to Wal Mart on Signal Butte, to pick up her prescriptions. Then on to the car wash across the street to see if the catsup would come off of the car.  It didn't come off completely but most of it is gone.

It really looked like it was going to rain on the newly washed car late this afternoon, but somehow we escaped.  But the dull head ache thing caused us both to nap until after a normal supper time.   It was cool today with a high in the mid 60s and as the sun expired over the West palm trees, the wind thru the open rig door became too cold to sleep thru.

So way late tonight, we were out in the car looking for a different burger for supper.  We settled on Whataburgers way back over into old Mesa.  They are big and quick and we skipped the french fries.

Not an exciting day, but then someone had to be laid back, with a half sickly aching body.  And we had flu shots to boot.  But perhaps it would be much worse if we hadn't!!

Tomorrow its supposed to be warmer.....

Retired Rod


  1. Hope you both are feeling well soon.

  2. Maybe that 'Whattaburger' will work better than normal flu medications to get you both back in perfect shape!

  3. Maybe that 'Whattaburger' will work better than normal flu medications to get you both back in perfect shape!

  4. Going back to the jerks who threw out their McDonalds trash and catsup packages, I would waited until they went into the store, picked it all up and put it on the hood of their vehicle with a note that said "I believe you dropped this." -- then moved.


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