Friday, June 8, 2012

Biscuit gets a doo, and Pizza, Ice Cream and a Movie

I said I was going to take it easy and rest up for the big ride this weekend, but I didn't know that I would actually take it as seriously as I did.   I was up in good time this morning, but Loyce left with the dog to go to the groomers several miles North of here before 9.

I got started on the dreaded Tax Return again.  Seems as though we have a couple of items that turned up since the original return was done, and now it needs to be redone.  Of course it was filed with the state of Kansas so that will have to be amended.  But luckily we extended the Federal so it just needs corrected again.   Essentially you throw everything away and start printing stuff out again.

Then the eye glasses place called with my new glasses.  I went over in the car as I like to not be hot and sweaty for these encounters.  Its mostly the helmet that makes your hair and head drippy.  Folks wonder why guys go without a helmet, but it is beyond hot inside one.

The new glasses took a while to bend into reasonable fashion to fit my face, and the prescription isn't much different than the last time.  But since they are new, they are just enough different that I am getting used to them tonight.

They still have a few spots where they are rubbing me wrong, making sore spots.  They changed the nose pads on the old pair too, so they don't fit like they did either.  Good thing they are close to the house, as a few adjustments will be needed.

The grand kids are sill here today and our house is a fright with toys and books and colors and the like.  And also I had to go after Biscuit when she was done this afternoon.  She had to sit there in a crate all day waiting for her turn that turned out to be way late in the afternoon.

I asked why they made us do it this way.  We could have brought her over right before her turn....  Basically I was told that the dogs need to be here so they didn't have to wait any at all.  Inconvenience the customer and the dog, so we can be without inconvenience here in the shop.   We are here first for ourselves and the fact that you are the customer means nothing.  It was also the most expensive dog hair cut we have ever had........  Not too sure I think much of this new place.

We had a home made Pizza tonight, and for once we didn't have to keep barking "eat" at the girls all thru the meal.  They gobbled the pizza and ice cream right down.  Loyce and the kids were watching a movie on the DVD down in the new basement tonight as well.

The poor scooter never moved all day......

Retired Rod


  1. See what a homemade pizza will do,the kid's will go through it like yesterdays news.And it builds strong bodies. Even on Grandpa's. Be safe out there Rod, and don't leave home without it.Sam & Donna..

  2. I would definitely not take Biscuit back to that place ever again. Poor baby. Hope she got lots of good loving to make up for it with the grands. And staying off the scooter in preparation for Saturday was a good thing.

  3. We're very lucky with grooming for Molly and Rylie as Paulette's niece does them right in her home. I sure wouldn't be taking Biscuit back to that place again.

  4. Yes, Where is a picture of Biscuit, Please? I wish you were closer, I'd groom Biscuit for you. As I am retired(?), I don't do more than one dog a day. Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX.


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