Monday, June 4, 2012

Lake Ozark in the Rain.

As the sun came up this morning it looked like it was going to be a nice sunny day.  And by about 7 the sun was shining under the cloud deck off at the horizon...  And that was all we saw of the sun for the rest of the day.

As it rose further, it went up into that nasty overcast and the day turned into one of those gray days that make you feel all dreary.  We mostly browsed the internet with our computers waiting out the clouds to clear so we could do outside lake activities......

We waited and read for most of the morning...  I busied myself installing cabinet pulls on some of our cabinets that need them.  You have to mark and drill ever so accurately so it is tedious work that keeps your mind busy.

But it was useless, as the clouds became even more thick and billowy.  So we changed plans and packed up the car and cleaned up for town.  We just lock up the house like we are going back to KC and head into town.

Loyce has had her dreams answered when it comes to Lake Ozark, as they have opened a new JoAnn fabric store.  She turned and told me that we can now move to the Lake if we want to for more of a full time, because of the JoAnn's being there.

I left her at the store and went for the local Wendy's.  We were gone for at least 30 minutes, but she didn't notice that at all.  She takes her fabric store time very seriously.  But while we were gone, it began to rain.  This day isn't improving much.  Loyce is all excited telling me about the stuff she just bought when I return.....  Rain, what rain?

Well anyway, we end up at the new Menard's super center that has opened up in the Lake area last week.  It's like a Lowe's and a Home Depot all rolled together with a Payless Lumber Center added on out back.  I was looking for Hunter ceiling fan's and they have a good inventory at much better prices than those other stores.  Two of them found their way into the back of our SUV.

These fans will be installed into the Great Room and the Master Bedroom of the new Arizona house.

By this time it was raining even harder, so we set out on the trip back to KC.  Three and a half hours later we were back here at the house.

Our daughter in law had a little accident while out camping this weekend and has a nasty sprain on her ankle, so tomorrow we will have the kids while they go for medical treatment for her.  They will be here fairly early, so I had better hang this keyboard up and turn in..

Retired Rod


  1. Nothing like a "little" rain to completely damped your plans. Sure hope it's only a sprain for your DIL.

  2. Yep, know about feeling all dreary & stuff on gray cloudy days.....

  3. Just wondering why you don't buy your stuff for the Arizona house in Arizona rather than hauling everything from KC or the lake. That's costing you gas, not to mention packing etc.

  4. I'm with Loyce, there is a new JoAnn's opening in Billings--moving out of a tiny cramped store to a huge former "Borders" store.

  5. Nothing turns clouds into sunshine like a quilter finding a new fabric store close to home. Been dere, done dat!


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