Friday, June 15, 2012

Just in from Arizona....

We have some pictures from Arizona taken inside the new house.  I'm not sure why, but they have not sent any photos taken of the front or the roof, or things that I would normally be interested in..

Like perhaps the concrete driveway or the grading of the yard, or how the concrete block fencing has come along...

But we do have these 8 pictures...

Is there something missing on our new stove?  I do think there might be a missing oven door...  We didn't get any mention of the door or where it might have gone too, but perhaps it didn't pass inspection somehow and we are waiting for a replacement.

But the good news is that the microwave seems to have a door and everything!!  Oh, and we seem to have a dishwasher, which will be a relief over doing the dishes by hand in the motorhome.

We have two photos of the laminate floor that they put into the den or utility room.  This is kind of a bedroom that doesn't have a closet or a door on it. Seems as though the floor is covered with paper to protect it.  The realtor lady made a point of explaining that construction workers can't walk on it and mar it that way.......

We appear to have chosen quite a dark wood color from the looks of the edge where the paper doesn't cover the wood.

We have faucets now in the master bathroom, so that should mean that the plumbing is complete.  And there is a mirror over the sinks as well.

One of the last things to be done in a completed home is lay the carpet, and this is the master bedroom where the carpet has obviously been installed.

Back in the dining area looking into the kitchen, we can now see we have a faucet on the kitchen sink.  So the plumbing is complete as I guessed in the back bathroom.  We also added that small cabinet over the place where the fridge will go.  We both thought it looked bare without it, even though neither of us can reach the things placed up there.

We do hope the colors go better once we see them in person, and think the cell phone camera is turning things kind of green like the counter top next to the stove.  We are optimistically excited to see all of this in person...

We are now working on the financial part of this closure and will have a schedule ironed out in the near future to go back to the wonderfully hot desert and stay in the motorhome while we inspect and close up this whole deal.

It has been very nasty hot in Mesa this last week or more with temps in the over 110 range every day.  We will again have to dig the motorhome out of storage and put it on a RV park lot.  I'm not sure I will be up to the task of setting up a camp site with the temperatures so high..  Maybe just put the levelers down and plug in the A/C.

We had about 92 here this afternoon, and the grandkids swam in the lake until they ran out of steam mid afternoon.  By then the air conditioning and soft pillows called for a refreshing nap.

I have been installing cabinet pulls on some of our cupboards here since they have never been done since we built the place several years ago.  Its a vacation place, and working on it cuts into your play time....  So I spent a bit of time late in the afternoon with the drill.

I had to go purchase some more pulls by late in the day, and that gave me the excuse to ride the red scooter as well.  Its only 200 cc's so its a much slower ride.....  But it will go almost 60 if your not in a hurry.

Retired Rod


  1. When we closed on our house, decided cheaper to get a motel for a few days and much cooler.

  2. I'm waiting for you to see the place in person to find out exactly what the colors are. I think it looks kind of darker than you thought it would be. It's still gorgeous though. Maybe a motel room would be a better deal for a couple of days.

  3. Your new home looks beautiful. I'm betting you'll be pleased when you see it in person. It's pretty hard to judge colors from snapshots as they are notoriously unreliable. I'm thinking the oven door must have been damaged somehow during the move in?

  4. Rod - We do ovens that way here in Arizona during the summer. That way when you use it, it super heats the entire house and then 110 outside doesn't seem so bad. You will enjoy your new home, it looks great!

  5. Yep. I'm with the others: motel!

    Emjay (and I think the interior of the house looks great!)


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