Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flying under the boss's radar..........

All that resting and recuperation came to a screeching halt today, when Loyce went over and picked up the grandkids this morning about mid way into the day.  They were only back here for about an hour before they packed up and headed for the housing association swimming pool.

But that's when my conscious kept yelling at me to get back on correcting that tax return.  But of course when I started back on the computer program that does the taxes, the computer went into an elaborate update of its entire operating system.  Thus hogging all the processor time, making everything else run like it had glue in it.  On top of that it required that it be rebooted three times.

By now it was 2 in the afternoon so I gave up and went for a Wendy's on the bike I call pepper.  After that it was over to Wal Mart where I purchased a fairly large paper shredder...   Waste basket and all....  I had to go into the auto isle looking for bungee cords to fasten it to the rear portion of the scooter seat.

Why do I do these things? The car was sitting right there when I left and it would have carried a dozen of these machines home in great style.  But anyway, my shredder and myself shared the seat all the way back home.  I came in with my helmet on and the shredder in its box in my arms.  Loyce looked at me like I had lost it...

So for the rest of the afternoon, I spent the time merrily shredding the stack of old pages out of the now wrong tax return.  That is until the grandkids went home and Loyce decided that it was now time to mow the yard.  But dear its only been a week!  Ten days she responded............  Oh, really..

Well at least we're all cleaned up around here now and I can sneak off in the morning on the scooter and go to one of those old folks motorcycle luncheons.  I didn't have the nerve to bring it up tonight.....

Lets see what tomorrow brings.......

Retired Rod


  1. Hey Rod, I hear and feel your pain..I purchased a shredder last week. I have 40yrs of paperwork. When I moved from Seattle to Eastern Wa. I decided it was time for all this stuff to go..Got home and it turned out someone had used it and returned it to the store and they resold it....Gave me a new one..Makes a great firestarter...I'm sure the I.R.S will notify me and ask for all the shredded paperwork..Too late...

  2. Oh, we'll be doing some major shredding whenever we get back home. This I know. And I mean, "paper shredding", not the kind a fellow does on an electric guitar!
    Even though strapping your cargo to the scooter was a pain, it's still heaps more fun than going on four wheels.
    No rain. No hurry. No big deal.

  3. I have finally replaced my 'wood' stove with a shredder...and I miss the stove..it was faster and easier...now I just save it all up in a tote and will take it to the cottage and put it in the stove there...hard to believe the old deal has me spoiled compared to the new deal (shredder)...you sure do love 'wendys" :)

  4. We sure have learned to shred as we go since living in the RV. Several of the parks we stay in have shredders and we don't let paper build up quite as much. Or I should say I don't since I'm the paper hoarder in our family.

  5. I'm glad to hear you got home on your scooter without your butt being shredded! I know what you mean about cutting the lawn too, all it takes is for the boss to say "boy, the grass is sure growing isn't it?" That's my clue to get going!


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