Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sandra's question..

Sandra up in Ontario, Cn brings up a valid point when she comments:

Just wondering why you don't buy your stuff for the Arizona house in Arizona rather than hauling everything from KC or the lake. That's costing you gas, not to mention packing etc.
I struggle with this idea because I want to get going on doing the things that are necessary to finish this project.  You know, lets get on with it!  But we just can't go and purchase a lot of new stuff here in Kansas and haul it all down there.  It doesn't make any sense like Sandra says.

But, since I have found an Arizona motor scooter used here in Kansas, and will now need to take the truck and utility trailer back with us when we close on the house, it follows that we can load up a lot of stuff we already have here in the Midwest.

With ceiling fans, I have learned to use Hunter branded fans over the years.  They seem to be better than the cheap store brands that the big box stores usually sell, and are quieter and last longer.  Some of the big box stores do carry Hunter, but not as extensively in all their models.  They cost more and must sell more slowly.

So when I find the fans that I want, I grab them.  52 inch brushed nickel,  dark wood blades that hang on a pole not a flush mount, with a nice light kit included.  And Hunter uses a 3/4 inch down pole that is bigger and nicer looking.  And finding those down poles in 24 inch length also becomes a drive all over town deal. Menard's had it all in one trip.

So with this same idea, we have been sorting thru all the stuff we have here in KC and at the Lake place deciding what can be taken with us to start this new household in Az.  And boy have we sorted out a truck load. Or a trailer load.  Not so much furniture, but dishes, and pots and pans.  Bedding and towels and floor rugs.  Our dining room here in KC is stacked with the stuff that will be going to Az.

So yes, we will be buying the big pieces of furniture to outfit the new house from the Arizona furniture stores.  You just can't justify paying gas to haul that stuff.  But I started this whole deal of taking the truck and trailer back down again with the purchase of the White scooter that I call Salt.  So we may as well pack the rest of the truck as much as possible so we won't have to buy everything brand new.  And with some of our older heir looms around, the place will seem more like our home right away.

Loyce was off on one of her grocery procurement trips this afternoon, while I held the home front down.  Not much else happened here other than me spending time on the computer paying our first of the month bills.  That never goes away no matter where we are situated at the time.

And tonight we have our grand daughters over here for an overnight stay with Grandma and Grandpa.  Seems that our DIL has broken a bone in her foot, and will need to see the Doctor in the morning.  We have our fingers crossed that she will be on the mend quickly.  In the meantime, Grandma came back here to Kansas to spend time with the kids............  So here we are!

Retired Rod


  1. good idea on the moving of stuff...take what you can and what is precious to you and pick up the rest down there...hope your DIL's foot heals up soon meantime you get to totally enjoy the grands :)

  2. Hopefully all your DIL will need is a boot. That's what they did with my sister's ankle. Just a boot for several months, no cast. Make sure there's room to put Salt in that trailer. You're having way too much fun filling it up.

  3. I can't even imagine trying to fill up a new house from scratch - what a job! But, then again, I wouldn't have to as Paulette would fill it up in a flash!! Probably with AZ garage sale finds!!

  4. It makes sense to buy the big stuff in Arizona, but since you are taking a trailer with you anyway why not fill it with smaller things.


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