Monday, June 25, 2012

Warm! and we stay inside....

Yep, we made it!  Up to 100 degrees that is....... Yeah that's 38 C for my friends up North,, well and the rest of the civilized world....  But we only had about 50 percent humidity so it was dryer than normal, but that didn't make much difference to the way it felt to me!

Its still hot!! So we hid inside all day....  And I do mean all day, we just tramped around the house, and I hid in the new basement for quite a while and it was really cool down there with the A/C droning on and on.

On days like this the internet is my friend, as I think I browsed every available internet site that I could think of.  But that doesn't give me much to report, and since I've already bored you yesterday with more than you ever wanted to know about oil and its viscosity, I had better not get into one of those rambling posts again.

Biscuit continues to improve, and has forgotten that Loyce took her to the awful Vet's office a couple of days ago.  But she does remember the place, because that is where she was spayed.  And even dogs can remember things like that.

With it being so hot, I didn't even go start the motorscooter.  It just stayed in its stall in the garage all day, but it is supposed to be much cooler tomorrow with a forecast high of 94... So maybe...  I even skipped Wendy's.

Oh, and I looked up the Romeo Rider's Luncheon on Tuesday and it is to be in the town of Higginsville, Mo.  That is 73 miles East of here on I 70, but if I chicken out and take the small highways, it adds a bunch of more miles.....  Those guys will leave at the crack of dawn so they can order breakfast rather than lunch........  But it is much cooler riding that early, so it makes sense..  Since we have to cross all of KC to leave to the East, that will put us in the morning drive time traffic....

By Thursday it is to be 111 down in Apache Junction and East Mesa........  Nice...

Retired Rod


  1. 38C? I don't even think are thermometers have a scale that high here on Vancouver Island!!

    Looking forward to hearing about your Romeo's lunch on Tuesday.

  2. wow send some of that heat our way...we're starting to mold its so damp...hope it cools off so you can get to the luncheon on Tuesday...

  3. butterbean carpenterJune 26, 2012 at 12:12 PM

    Howdy Rod,
    Isn't there a way to MO on backroads, so, you don't fight the traffic?? It's a lot safer on a scooter and easier to see where you're going!! If you get fed like last time why worry about lunch??? Hope you don't have a heat stroke getting home!! Enjoy the ride!!!


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