Tuesday, June 19, 2012


OK, Okay!! I'm guilty as charged!!  I'm a certified Nut Case, because I scrape those little license stickers off of my license plates from last year before I put on the current year..............

I'm an Auditor, and spent years as a detail person making sure that all I's were dotted and T's were crossed.  If you haven't found something wrong with the paper work that you are reviewing, you just haven't looked at it long enough....  There's always something wrong with everything, if you just spend your time checking every facet.  Especially "my" spelling,  LOL...

But we were taught that if you put a license sticker over the old one, the two year old glue now had to hold two stickers in place, and the three year old glue had to hold three and the ten year old glue had to hold ten........  You get the picture,  ......  Eventually something has to give up.......

So with the pontoon boat, you are sticking stickers directly on the painted aluminum surface of the outer fence behind the seat bolsters.  And they already have decal style stickers on them from the factory as decoration.  Ours has swirling checkered flags to make it look like its going fast....

So I am trusting that glue to hold fast before I put a new sticker on, and they must stick for three years in Missouri.  So that is why I use the hair dryer to soften the sticker glue and carefully peal the license sticker away from the manufactures decal/decor paper or perhaps plastic stickers.  One day the whole thing will fall off, but perhaps the boat will be old when that happens and it won't matter so much to me then.  Remember this is all routinely wet while the boat is moving...

This discussion is brought about by the thought of me going back to the DMV again today for more of our annual tag renewal.  Or the filching of our pocket book by the state of Kansas, if you like.

Remember they are changing the computer system and our last name requires a June renewal.  Enforcement will start on July 1st......  And I had an old style license that I wanted traded out, so that meant that the private vendor that takes care of mail in renewals couldn't do it for me.  I had to appear.

But I have learned how to work the system now.......  I checked in on my computer and acquired a spot in line with my cell phone number.  I was only 296 minutes back in line when I started at 11:30.  It's a wonder they even took me for today.

I had to have proof of insurance, so I stopped by the local insurance office and had the young fellow print off all of my little cards.  This took over a half an hour, so my place in line moved up and they messaged me on the phone about my advance.  246 minutes, now!

I arranged my paper work carefully stapling all the correct cards to the correct renewal notices and laid them in a pile next to the door......  196 minutes.........  I took a nap!

My son dropped by and left me a father's day gift of a shirt made from the dri lock fabric that I usually wear when on the scooter.......  more phone messages, and the time descended...

I rode the scooter over to Wendy's and had the small burger, but splurged and got bacon on it!  Yea, I know, too much cholesterol....  The bike was low on gas, so I stopped at the pump and filled up.  Another message, I was under thirty minutes...

So I was off to the DMV, and it was about 3 PM by now...  When I went in and looked at my place in line, I was only 8 back from the top!  Wow!  They list your phone number on the screen... And in only about ten minutes I was at the window......  Only 210 minutes, hey they are moving right along today!

The clerk couldn't figure out how to renew the motorhome, and wanted it inspected..........Gasp!  Its in Arizona.........  But I didn't let on......  Calmly I suggested that we might need a supervisor to explain these things.  And so the clerk went after the lady in the corner office by the front windows...

Well, it seems as though we were registering the vehicle as a truck and not an RV.  A box needed checked that said Rec Vehicle, and then all that Mumbo Jumbo and big price tag went away... Whew!

So before you know it I was out of there with much lighter pockets but with a big pile of new tags for scooters and cars and motorhomes and such.  By now it was 97 outside and the ride home was a tad warm.

So that's how we got to the part about scraping off all the old stickers and putting on the new ones.  But since it was soo hot outside, I just took the plate off the vehicles and brought it inside the A/C of the house to peel and scrape and re apply.  I know, I am certifiably nuts, but that is over for the vehicles that are here in Kansas for now.  And I have a tag for the motorhome when we cross back into Western Kansas on our way home from Arizona.......

Wonder what enforcement on that sucker would cost? !!!  Nope, don't want to find out!

Retired Rod


  1. In years of driving, I have yet to have a sticker fall off a license plate.

  2. Definitely accountant mentality. You crack me up.

    1. Sandy, your an Accountant tooooooo!!! And an IRS accountant to boot..... Bet you've crossed a few t's in your day!!!! LOL

  3. Only an accountant, a 'certified' one, would go through that process just to put a sticker on a licence plate. Sorry, Rod, it does sound like a nutty thing to do!

  4. I love it! It is definitely an accountant-type mentality and every person has his or her own type which is one of the things that makes the world so interesting. I don't ever worry about the sticker falling off - I just say a quick prayer to the license plate god and hope the sticky holds. So far so good!

  5. Hm. See, my wife has the "accountant" mentality, if there is such a thing, but I'm the one who does all the vehicle "stuff". Like today I had to chauffeur, since she needed fuel. *sigh*
    She *can* pump diesel, but she's not overly keen. That's why she keeps me around.
    So since there's no accountant mentality when it comes to something like stickers, maybe every 5 to 10 years I might scrape off the lump of stickers I've managed to put on over that period of time. That is if we manage to keep a vehicle that long. I've had good intentions, but sometimes vehicles change hands.
    But scrape off a one year old sticker? Heresy!
    Neither of the two vehicles we've had here in Europe had stickers. The plate goes with the vehicle, and the only thing that might get renewed is the TÜV. (Vehicle inspection) The "Technischer Überwachungs-Verein". This outfit actually does much more than vehicle inspections, but that's a whole long winded story.

    What ever floats your boat. Or pontoon boat in your case.


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