Monday, June 18, 2012

KC Safe and Sound

We are back in KC tonight and our bandit grandkids are back in their own beds resting from their long endeavor with their grand parents.  We are sure they will rest more peacefully tonight, after 4 nights at the lake place.

We do have beds and a kids bedroom set up all for them at the lake, but it is still not like being at home, so they run out of steam after a few days..  And then all the swimming in the lake and the hot sun takes its tool as well.

Our trip back here was totally uneventful just as we like them.  The truck bed was jammed full of bags and baskets of provisions.  Seems we always move most everything in the fridge down to the lake and back on these jaunts.

So it takes us quite a while to load out and then load back into the home place.  But we are used to it and have the travel down to a science after so many years.  We used to do these weekend trips from Des Moines, Iowa years ago where we would travel 6 hours each way just to put in a Saturday on the water.  Seems nuts now, but we were used to it then.

Biscuit is really tired out tonight as she just laid down in the chair next to me here and put her head on her paws and stared at me..  Kinda with her eyes half open.  Not moving a bit, and usually she is a very nervous dog, fidgeting all around.  But not tonight she is just killed.

So with everything safe and sound, I think we will just report all is safe and well and hang up the keys for tonight.

Retired Rod


  1. In addition to Biscuit, it sounds to me that there's an 'old dog' whose tired as well. No wonder, 4 days at the lake with grandkids, while terrific, just has to be tiring for us old dogs!

  2. Hope all of you got a good nights sleep and are ready to face the rat race again today.


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