Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plattsburg, Missouri

This luncheon group that I have joined this last couple of weeks is called the ROMEOs.  Which is an acronym for Retired Old Motorcyclists Eating Out.  That would conjure up pictures of fine dining establishments, Right?

What about this one?  Famous?

That don't seem too bad, until.......

You pull back the camera some and have a look at the rest of the place.........

This is in a small rural community way up North of Kansas City, Missouri, called Plattsburg.  Its a bar b cue, and you all know how I like to try new bar b cue....  So even though it is 60 miles up there, I hopped on the scoot and headed right across the downtown part of KC, Mo and then beyond all the Northern neighborhoods out into the country another 22 miles.

The day was really nice as the sun was shining and it was about 74 when I left.  The city streets became a bit scary when a lady tried a U turn at an intersection before we got onto the freeway, and ended up T boning another car with her SUV.  The car she hit did a spin about on its wheels and came to rest on the median of the road directly behind where I was standing over the bike, trapped in standstill traffic.  They really slammed together with a ear shattering WHACK!

I was glad to get on the divided interstate where everyone was going the same direction, with limited access, at about 60 MPH.  Seemed much safer up on the big highway.  Anyway it was divided freeway all the way downtown and then for about 15 miles outbound to the North. I never got off or slowed down.

From the North edge of the city,  it turned into country roads that were normal two lane rolling country highways.  I found a friend on a BMW bike and when I rolled up along side, I asked if he was a Romeo, and sure enough he was headed to the luncheon.  His 1200 cc machine was much faster than my little ole scooter, but I managed to keep him right in front for the rest of the way into town.

It turned out that his name was Bob, and he was from Olathe here in the Southern suburbs.  We ended up sitting at the same table.

When in a strange BBQ I always order the same thing, a pork sandwich and fries.  Can't mess that up too much.... But it was good!  Really quite good!  And I liked their BBQ sauce too as it was runny with a lot of apple vinegar and dark with molasses.  Tangy to the taste and not too sweet like so much of what we see here in the KC area.

 I came back home on the outer perimeter highway 435 which is an official Interstate, and it rolled quite fast at over 75 mph, but there weren't any people doing funny stuff at that speed so in no time at all I was back in South KC, Ks.

By 2:00 in the afternoon we had clocked 135 miles and had a full belly of BBQ from a new to me place in another strange, small, rural USA town.  And that is what ROMEOs are all about.

Retired Rod

Pictures were borrowed from the Romeo's web site forum with creative commons license....


  1. Sheesh Rod, I thought KC was famous for it's BBQ, I usually try any also.Not a Big Slab Ribs fan like Donna though, to much work and sloppy,which reminds me anything sloppy and gooky and runny is usually good.Like a nice sloppy meatball&cheese sandwich with sauce spread out on a Hoagie bun.Damn it's only 05:00AM and I'm getting myself hungry already.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. If you stick with the Romeo's & the BBQ's stick with you, I can you having to move up to one of those 1100 Scooters pretty soon:))

  3. Forgot to add the word 'see' in the previous post.....

  4. Love that BBQ. We usually try the pulled pork sandwich but Jim occasionally wants those ribs. Glad you got home safe and sound.

  5. Looks like all you Romeo's made it a good lunch tab for that BBQ place. I think I'd have tried the same thing for lunch that you did.


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