Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lamenting about the home build, and pictures save the day!

I have decided to change the blog header back to the view of the Lake from our deck here in Lake Ozark.  This picture really defines our life in the spring and early summer.  It is the time we enjoy here every year.  Once it gets beyond the Fourth of July, the lake becomes 100 degrees of summer heat, and we are looking to escape..

Of course it doesn't help to go back to KC as the heat is just the same there, plus it is a city which holds the heat once the sun goes over the hill.  We need the motorhome to escape during that part of the year.

But for now, looking at that unfinished picture of the Mesa, Az home is just increasing my anxiety about not being out there watching the progress....  But then it is way over 100 degrees now in Arizona, so do we really want to go back now?

Later in the day......

After writing this earlier in the day, the realtor lady must have felt her nose twitch, because she went over and took some more pictures..  But best of all she said they were working on the roof tile!!!  Yea.

The floor tile is done and must have been cleaned because it now shines.  Grouting causes it to be all hazy.

The cabinets are supposed to be fruitwood, but look dark to us.  We are hoping it is just the cell phone camera.

Counter tops are now installed as well, but no plumber since there are no faucets.

We do hope to paint the walls darker once we get possession.  They seem stark white in these photos.

As I notice in the picture below, the electrical wall plates are on and the switches have been mounted.

Again her camera phone is way out of focus, but this vanity is supposed to be taller than older style vanities.

I see that there is a light fixture above the vanity and a plate on the wall to the right of the sink, so the electricians must have been in all the rooms as well.

This is the Jack and Jill bathroom between what would normally be the kids rooms.  We left the vanity lower in here, since kids are usually shorter....  LOL

The tile color is supposed to be a tan, but the picture isn't colored right...  At least we hope so.

Anyway for those that want these pictures when we get them, here they are.  And I will be pleased to see a picture from the outside when the roof is completed.  But the forecast is for 110 degrees in Phoenix today, so I wonder how these fellows can stand to install roof tile..........

This is getting too long so I will stop for now.

Retired Rod


  1. Don't beat yourself up over not being there, when you get out there after it's finished you will be happy I am sure. Let me know what campground is close to you guys and I will try to get Donna off for a weekend before the heat sets in and make a visit with you.Last time we stayed down there it was in the one by the river. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Your house is looking very lovely! :)

  3. The place is looking amazing Rod and Loyce. I am sure you will be happy with the colours once you get there and see it in person. The cupboards look a different colour in each pictures so I am sure it is the phone camera.

    I can't wait to come for supper (hint hint) in that new and beautiful house.

    Take Care.

  4. This house is looking very nice. If the pictures are taken with a smart phone, chances are the coloring will be different. Even so, I like the cabinets and the tile choice. Good luck.

  5. Well Rod if it is cool you are looking for in the summer, head on up to Dogpound North, we have room for your Motorhome and some of the local towns would probably like a fellow building a nice summer (cool) home there too.

    The Mesa place is coming along and I am sure it will all be right when you get there, or at least right enough. lol

  6. To respond to your "I wonder...", the builders in hot country often work at 6 or 7 in the morning until about 2 in the afternoon. Depends upon how many/how close neighbors are.

    When we remodeled our kitchen and bathrooms here, we built them as high as we could without damaging resale value for our heirs. Since we are both tall even at our ages, we don't like stopping to peel a potato or brush our teeth.


  7. It's amazing to me to see how much those builders have accomplished without your direct, hands-on supervision, Rod. It must be driving you a bit nuts to see all this activity in photos and not be there to watch each nail hammered and each screw turned. However, it sure looks like they're doing a great job and it's moving along quite nicely.

    What about furniture? Are you buying new in Arizona? Just thought I'd give you something else to worry about!

  8. your home is really coming together...its gorgeous..I'm sure all the colors are what you chose its just the cell phone camera...that always distorts things....


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