Sunday, June 17, 2012

Having fun now!

We have to head on back to KC tomorrow, so today was the do it all now day.  That means that we had to get all the things done that we had wanted to do today because this adventure was coming to an end...

For Loyce it was her trip to the Jo Ann's fabric store in town...........  Which I opted to not partake of, since she had grand daughters that wanted to attend..     Caden and I opted to stay back to do man's work like applying the license stickers on the pontoon boat.......

While that doesn't sound like much, they are about three inches square and need to be heated with the hair dryer to be removed.  They stick with the goopyest glue imaginable....  I have never really been able to remove all of the old glue, but figure it will just help stick the new stickers to the same place.

Since the stickers stay on for three years you wouldn't want the glue to give up during that time, so I understand and agree why its so permanent.  Its just time consuming to change.  The stickers expire on June 30, so my skate time on this project was over........

And every time we come here, the spiders and bugs have further webbed in our boat and dock.  This woods is very buggy, and the mess is on going.  So again today we used the bucket and pole handled scrub brush to wash the dock and the entire pontoon boat.

Somewhere in the middle of this task the girls returned and swimming commenced from the docks swim platform...  After a bite of lunch, we headed out on the boat for the rest of the afternoon.....  Of course it is Saturday, and all the big boat crazies were out being the idiots they are.

They pass really close to you at wide open throttle speeds and never even give you a look or a nod.  Its not like we are small because we are 26 feet in length, but they mostly are around 40 and larger.  Of course they are entitled because their boat is worth more than my house and they have money to burn on hundreds of gallons of gasoline at at time, without any thought about it at all.  Its just the get the he!! outa my way attitude.  We should have gone earlier in the week,  I know...........

But its dark now and late, and Loyce and the kids are packing up stuff so we can do some swimming in the morning before we have to head out for home.......

Retired Rod

Happy Fathers Day!!


  1. We just put the new sticker over the old sticker up here.

  2. Glad to see you and the family having a fun weekend, Rod. I can't even imagine how much the grandchildren must love their time away at the lake with swimming and boating - what fun, especially with their Grandparents.

  3. like Sandra we just pop the new over the old...sounds like you had a wonderful weekend...happy fathers day

  4. Happy Father's Day to you. Jim gets really upset with those people in their big boats who have no consideration for anyone else. Especially when he's fishing and they come roaring by and create a big wake.


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