Sunday, June 10, 2012

More on the ride..

OK, perhaps I should go on with the information about this ride that has been asked in the comments, while it is still fresh in my mind.

As far as the beer drinking is concerned, the policeman up in Spring Hill at the riders meeting before we left, set out the ground rules for beer drinking.  He asked that we stick to coffee at the first stop since the day was young and this is a social ride!  Heck it wasn't even noon yet...

Now with lunch, it is alright to have a beer, since you are eating food with it and its effects should be minimal.  We didn't stay long enough to get a second beer...

When we stopped in Paola, it was 2:30 and the ride had become hot.  So yes everyone, well, except me and a couple of the older riders had a beer.  But again, we weren't there long enough to have a second one.

And once back at BB's we were on our own since the ride had officially ended at that point.  And I'm sure that several folks had more than one.  But 90 percent of the people live right there in Spring Hill, so it was not much more than a  mile to get home.

As for the dice toss, this is called a dice ride, where you are given an official score card about the size of a recipe card.  On it is each of the stops and a place for your score and the signature of the scoring official.  They use those great big Las Vegas dice and you get three of them to toss.  Perfect score is three sixes for 18.  With five rolls during the day a perfect score would be 90.  You carry your card during the day and turn it in at the last roll.

They quickly add up your card and sort them into high to low order as they are finished at the last toss.  The wining score was a 66 yesterday.  Second place was a 63, Third place was in the 50s....  First prize was a gift certificate to be used in the bike shop for $50.  Second was $30 and Third was $20 and I think last place got a beer koozie as a booby prize....

Last year I won it with a score of 63, so the fellows are getting better at the winning toss, as it is getting tougher.   My last roll yesterday was two snake eyes and a deuce for a score of 4.  That fairly well killed any chances of me placing anywhere near the money...

And a question that usually gets asked but didn't come up yet, is are there any girls on these rides?  And the answer is of course!  We had several trikes that had couples on them and one Goldwing had a couple.  Also one gal rode her own.  And just for the record, she was a better rider than me...!

Also as we neared the home town, several of the wives joined us at the La Tapatia in their cars.  Also the dice toss officials ( man and his wife) were in a truck and preceded us to the next restaurant, informing the folks that the riders were about 10 minutes away.



  1. Thanks, Rod.... and, now we know the rest of the story!!

  2. Thanks for the info. Makes more sense to me now. Sorry you didn't win though. There's always next summer.


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