Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cycle Riding and the news from Arizona

Way last summer when I was doing the CA treatments every week, the local fellows invited me to ride with the Romeo's group here in the KC area.  That would be Retired Old Motorcyclists Eating Out!

There are several of these groups all over Kansas and they each go on a ride weekly to a small town and overwhelm a local restaurant with 80 or more people that show up all at once and want served.  I'm sure it makes for a rather nice cash register total once breakfast and lunch is over.

In fairness, someone from the group calls ahead and warns the  folks in the small town that half of Kansas City is about to appear on their doorstep.  And usually they add staff for the day to help get thru the experience.

I never felt well enough to go last year so it just passed me by.  But today I hauled my  behind onto the bike at about 9 AM and rode quietly thur the countryside South of town here and then over into Missouri to the little town of Garden City.  This is just a wide spot in the road on Highway 7 headed for Branson.

Perhaps some of these pictures that were swiped from the Romeo web site will tell the story better.

Salt was mixed it this row in front of the white building but was in the second row about 4 bikes back from the green one.   Mostly all that is visible of him is the windshield.

As you can see, we filled the room that is usually used for the Lions Club when it meets.  There were so many folks that about half of them were standing outside waiting for the first shift of breakfast eaters to be done.

Since I had eaten breakfast with Loyce and the grand girls, I was up to lunch now, even though it was only about 11:30 when we arrived.  I did stand around outside for a while to let some of the breakfast folks get their meals complete.

We rode back to KC almost as rapidly as could have been done with any car.  I saw 80 mph on the speedo at times, but since it displays about 10 percent fast we were doing more like 75. That is more like the speed limit on US 71 which is a divided four lane highway.  I still don't like the semi trucks that are all around you at that speed.

Once back here in the local suburbs of KC, Mo, we stopped again at a local McDonalds for Ice cream sundies and coffee.   The chat continued again non stop.  I was good and stuck with a diet soda...

Once on the road again, I broke off from the group and went to my barber's shop, since it was on the way over in Missouri.  It was after 5PM when I finally arrived back home.  Loyce wondered if I had gotten lost..........

In other news, Loyce got the call from the builders that they want us to be back in Mesa the last weekend in June....  They will be ready to do the first presentation of the New Home, as they called it over the phone.  We still won't close for about another week or more while they get the final items on the punch list corrected.

And we won't get any keys until the utilities and insurance is all transferred into our names.  You can darn tootin bet, they won't be springing for any of the air conditioning after that closing date...

Of course this makes the dead week of waiting, the holiday week with the 4th of July in it.  Why do things seem to work out like that?  You know nothing much will get done during that week........  But we will be sitting in a motorhome  during 110 degree days.

But anyway, we had it figured out that their estimate of late July had to be way off.  Better get to packing stuff up!

Retired Rod


  1. The last week in June will be here before you know it. I hope everything goes smoothly, although there's certain to be a glitch of some sort. Hope it's not a big one.

  2. Right at the moment I wouldn't mind being back in AZ. It is only 37 outside and I'm freezing. Good luck with everything and don't over do the unpacking in the heat. I think that's really fun that you guys all get together and get a chance to just talk and talk and talk.

  3. Sure glad you were able to go on the ride with your biker friends this year - what a great tradition. Sounds like you and Loyce are getting down to crunch time on the new home. With all your houses, I think we're going to have to start calling you "McCain or Romney" if you buy just one more!

    1. Well unlike McCain, I can remember where they are and what work needs to be done at each one. To bad I didn't marry money like he did......!

  4. Back to the hot desert in JUNE? Yeeesh! I think I would be tempted to get a motel room with A/C for at least the first two nights to get set up with the moho before stepping into it for an overnight. That's best for Biscuit,too, since doggies cannot regulate their temps as easily or let us humans know when they are dangerously overheated.

    Always helpful to have a spoilsport, eh? (like me!)


  5. "I especially like comments that don't agree with my opinion!!"
    It isn't your opinion that I'd like to comment about, it is your choice of a DIET soda. After all you have been through with your health, no one told you how bad sodas are for you, especially the diet ones?
    Happy Tails to Biscuit, and Happy Trails to you and Loyce, Penny, TX.


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