Friday, June 22, 2012

More preparations

It rained last night about the time the blog was written, and it didn't quit for most of the night... Lightning and thunder and the whole works.....  Usually we can't beg for moisture by this time of year but low and behold...

I was over at Lowes this morning looking for bolts that match the table legs of the table that is stored out in Arizona, and it was still spitting rain.  Kind of a drizzle that wets everything down really well.  And I got lucky and found the washers and nuts to put our old table back together...  We don't plan on keeping the table as our main dining option, but for a little while it will fill in the gap...  While we find just the one we want.  Then it will end up in the sewing room....

I was on the phone all day out to Scottsdale calling the title company trying to find out what the HUD-1 will show for a settlement figure....  Should you have to beg to get a bill?  But it seems that they are so busy closing out the homes they have built this summer that we all must wait in line.

I called the realtor lady again this afternoon and asked for a fire to be built under these folks...  And low and behold after supper tonight the email came in....   Of course they are 2 hours behind out there so they hadn't gone home yet.

While I was waiting, I finalized the Income Taxes for the second time this year and took them over to the mail.  Filed!  Gone!  Done!  Well, until they find something wrong with them........

Then tonight I loaded a bunch of stuff into the utility trailer that we have been piling up in the garage.  Things that we have around here that will be a start of the new home.... I told Loyce it looked like a bunch of cast off old junk....  Probably not even worth the gas it will take to get it to Az, but then I am pulling the trailer for the motor scooter, so what we take beyond that doesn't matter much..

Wow, where did the day go.........?   I guess when you have your head down and are studying numbers and papers, time slips away... But I had to stick right here for the phone and email, so why not finish the return....?

The sun came out around noon, and cooked the moisture out of the ground....  HUMID!!!  The perspiration just ran off of me while I was loading the stuff into the trailer, and strapping down the scooter.  I finally opened the side door to try and get some air...  But it didn't help, so I jumped on Pepper with no helmet or jacket and joy rode around our neighborhood at under 20 mph.  Ahhhh...

Retired Rod


  1. Not too much dripping in AZ probably. Montana is more humid than AZ but not too miserable. It just gets hot. For some reason 95 here seems so much hotter to me. Glad you finally got those returns done and out of the house. I don't even have any desire to go to my old office here.

  2. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is hauling 'junk' around from place to place. Here's hoping the IRS lets your income tax slip under the radar this year so that you don't hear any more about it.


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