Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mowing when I can see again....

Well at least today I could see things again when I got up this morning.  I'm not sure I ever really got over the drops even when I went to bed last night.  It was kind of raining again last night, and it was very cool outside. So this morning it was still chilly.

But our yard needed mowing again as we wanted to leave for the weekend.  So by about 10 AM, I was out in the yard running the walk behind mower.  That kept me warm for a while, until our neighbor's father from South Africa came over to chat.  He hasn't been here in the States since last year, so he was quite chatty.

Again, I was trying to get this job done so we could leave town.   But being socially polite I chatted him up for a while. Eventually he let me get back at my work.  But it was well after noon when I finished the yard.

It was almost 2 PM when we got on the road heading back down here to the lake place.  And since it takes three and a half hours, we arrived about 5:30. As creatures of habit, we were into town for our Friday night Bar B Cue by 7.  I guess it is all so predictable since we do this almost every week.  But we really like the smoked sausage diner that these folks put out.

This weekend we are all by ourselves as our family has gone on separate camping excursions.

But the lake is still here, and I am still sitting here staring out the windows at it.  Life is good.......  Maybe it will be warm in the morning......

Retired Rod


  1. Chin up, stiff upper lip it is supposed to be warmer today & tomorrow. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. We're still in the heat - in fact Southern Utah is experiencing record heat. So I guess we haven't moved far enough north yet. Your neighbor reminded me of campgrounds where you're trying to hook up to go and somebody just has to come visit to say good bye. Have a wonderful peaceful weekend.

  3. Hope you and Loyce enjoy a nice, quiet, peaceful weekend at the lake. I'd sure enjoy that right about now.


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