Saturday, June 9, 2012

Preparations for the Ride......

Another one of these not too exciting days.  We still have the grand kids here and mostly we are making breakfast and begging them to eat it.  At least our three year old is one of those kids that pouches up her food and doesn't chew it or swallow.  She looks like a little squirrel at that point.

And then before you know it its lunch time and it starts all over again.  Loyce took the girls Wal Mart shopping with her for a while, but even though I had the best intentions of ducking and bolting, I was reading blogs and went sound to sleep.  I'm getting too old for these games....

They woke me when they returned and opened the door.  Which startled Biscuit and she let out a war whoop howl......  But then I was trapped again, until we got lunch over with, and they went upstairs for a nap.

This time I headed straight for the scooter, and the Wendy's over by Wal Mart.  I did pass by the eyeglasses store and stopped by for a quick adjustment on the new wire rims.  They have a bunch of special wire and plastic pliers and a bunch of expertise in how much force to use to get them just right.

After Wendy's it was over to my Suzuki dealer to purchase some of the special screws that hold the cowling together on the used bike.  Seems I lost some of the screws when we flew back from Garden City the other day on the interstate.

And they are so special that the only way to get them is to order them from the Suzuki parts house in the sky.  I was riding the bike I call pepper, and it is my plan to take it on the bike ride that will commence tomorrow.

This evening my younger son called and said to pick him up in the morning on my way out.  He will be riding his Honda and he said he is all gassed and ready.........

I think I am too excited to sleep.........

Retired Rod


  1. Have fun on your ride, I 'm glad I don't have the trouble with my two Grands when it comes to eating Adam is a little picky but will eat fine if it's one of his likes, Nicole all you have to do is put food of any kind in front of her and she will make some noises and it will disappear,she still manages to stay a skinny minny. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. have a blast on your ride with your son....nothing like spending time with the grands...

  3. Can you imagine how old I'm going to be when I finally have a grand to deal with? Really old. Have a great day and hopefully Pepper won't fall apart on you.

  4. Hope you get nice weather for your bike ride. I'll be looking forward to reading all about it in your next post.

  5. Have a safe and enjoyable ride with your son...sounds like fun!


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