Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fathers Day to Me Gift....

I had a brain spaz today because I gave in to the wishes of my bride and purchased a new gas grill for the lake place...  They were having a big special over at that new home store Meynards here in Lake Ozark.  It was normally $279, but was on sale for $249.  Well, OK so I went and got a big flat cart to load it up.

A store clerk helped as the box was really heavy..  The check out clerk used the price gun on the UPC code and it rang up at $199.......  Hey!  I didn't say a word, just swiped the credit card quickly before someone looked it up somewhere.........

It was about all Caden and I could do to get it into the truck from that flat cart...  We were supposed to have help, from a stock person, but they never showed at the front of the store..

Once home we opened the box but removed pieces from it while still in the truck...  It was all folded sheet steel and stainless on its upper lid.  The cooking grates were cast iron that had been covered with porcelain.  Its all very heavy, no matter what it was made from.

Of course it was all in parts and pieces with the resultant thick book of assembly pictures.  Yes pictures,  the book was in several languages, but the actual assembly was only pictures...  Must have run out of translators..

It took me all afternoon to put this thing together....  I had trouble with bolts not threading into nut plates, and being here at the lake, I didn't have my taps with me to chase out the threads.  I thought it must have been made in China, but I found a Made in USA sticker on the inside of the back panel.

Tonight I grilled a bunch of beef sausages that we like and only had one burner on to do it.  It has four burners and if I had purchased the larger one it would have had five........!

Grandma and the kids were swimming during the afternoon, but I never even went near the dock.  Perhaps tomorrow!!

Retired Rod


  1. Oh the joys of "assembly required".

  2. I sure don't envy you having had to put that BBQ together. I refuse to buy one of those suckers anymore unless it comes pre-assembled. I always end up with leftover screws and bolts.

    You are a one man economic recovery team, Rod. It's nice to see you picking up the slack while Paulette and I are spending our loonies up here in Canada.


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