Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Romeos in Lewisburg, Kansas

They opened up at 10:30 just for us!

They only serve lunch, so lunch  was ordered.  The time doesn't matter.....

This is what you want at 10:30 AM for a little lunch.......

The count was somewhere in the 60s when I headed inside for my lunch......

Their specialty is a breaded tenderloin and its bigger than a plate, so they just have bigger plates.

I had curly fries but otherwise this was what my plate looked like..

After everyone took on about 10 pounds of breakfast we all headed over into Missouri to go to the town of West Line.  This place has a unique car dealership and we all parked up and down the street.  Some folks were right down on the apron going into the garage as well....

Going into the main showroom you encountered this 1955 Chevy..

Once out in the garage, there were cars stacked up upon cars.  So close that I couldn't get pictures of each individual one.

Ford Rag top from about the same time......

F100 pickup with a big V8

This looks fast just sitting here parked.....

El Camino Pickup,  It had GMC on the side, but I wasn't aware there were any of these made.

Yep, that Camero still looks fast!

This was back in the garage restoration area where the cars were being cleaned and made ready for sale.  I didn't actually see any body or mechanical work going on in this building, but it must take place somewhere around here.

72 Corvette, I didn't know what to look at first......

This 59 Ford is actually the hard top convertible.  I am told it is quite hard to come by.

My roomate in college had this exact 57 chevy, and we worked on it constantly.  We kept on adding go fast parts.  It was only a 283 V8 and no amount of go fast parts would actually make it fast, as I now understand, but we kept at it....  Man does this thing bring back memories...

I must have liked this 68 Chevy tudor, since I took its picture twice...  I had one of these in Green when we were first married and traded it off for another newer one after it was about two years old.  Obviously I didn't have any idea what I had........

For Mopar lovers, this 66 Coronet with the 383, was lightning fast!  

The cars in here are actually for sale, but the price list was way beyond my classic car budget.  

A whole group of these fellows were heading on out on a winding twisty road for the rest of the afternoon, but since it was already in the 90s and the wind was blowing from the South at about 30 miles an hour, I passed.  

As a blond, red head, I would have been roasted to medium well by the time I got back home, so riding right back was the best decision for me.

If you want one of these vehicles, let me know and I will get you this fellows contact information.....

For a lot more pictures and the official Romeo Web Page on this ride, click Here!  You can see that I used some of the official pictures of the food in my blog as well...

Retired Rod


  1. Had a lot of fun (and a couple scary moments) in what I think was a '72 Camero. Belonged to my buddy's Mom. She was so trusting. We were careful. Mostly.

    That's a LOT OF FOOD to try and consume at 10:30 in the morning. Yikes. I think I'd be needing a doggy bag.

  2. That blue & white 55 Chevy brought back memories. I didn't have one but my Buddy down the stree did & was the same colors & everything. He's been gone many years now but it sure reminded me of him when I saw your photo.

  3. That's a lot of food to consume at any time of day. I don't understand why restaurants in the U.S. do that. It's not doing their clientele any favours! And all that gravy. YUK!

    Lovely cars though!

  4. GMC made a Caballero. Same exact vehicle as the El Camino but with different emblems. That's from my knowledgeable hubby. Way too much food for so early in the morning or even for dinner. Would have to split that with someone.

  5. I had a green '57 Chevy when I was 19 so your pics sure brought back some memories. I can't say I ever got my 'green machine' to shine like that red one though - it's a beauty.

    Now, that's what I call a he-man's breakfast - or lunch or dinner for that matter. No one is there to force anyone to eat it all so I never get all worked up about so-called 'too-big portions'. That's what doggy bags are made for.

  6. Everyone seems to be interested in the way big portions of food, and I must report that I ate every bite of that big tenderloin and licked my fingers after I had it down.... But I did leave most of the french fries on the platter.... Cold fries aren't overly appetizing..!

  7. I had a 55 chev..these pics sure bring back memories...that is alot of food for mid'd need a sleep after that


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