Friday, June 1, 2012

Eye Doctor

It doesn't seem to matter what kind of a Doctor you are going to see during a day, it seems to wreck the entire day.  My eye appointment was at 11:30 so it wasn't any big thing to get ready.  Actually I had to sit and read blogs for about an hour before I left.

The drive over there wasn't any big deal because it is less than a mile in the strip mall.  It took less than ten minutes to arrive and park.

Waiting for the Doctor to take me in was filled with about four pages of medical information and insurance forms.  I just barely got them done and he was ready.

It seemed all OK, and was going just fine............until.....he wanted to dilate my eyes.  He used both kinds of drops, and that allowed him to see all around inside my eyes....  Well that seemed OK as long as we were in the dark room for the exam......!

But when I went out to work on my new glasses with the technician,  Whoa!!  And it was even a somewhat overcast day.......  I managed to use my clip on sun glasses and drive the car home.  But I was glad that it was under a mile now....

So I sat here most of the afternoon struggling to read the computer thru the sunnies, and never left the house until about 4.  This time on the motor scooter.  I just went for that Wendy's burger and that is under a mile too.  I had the sunglasses on as well as my helmet smoked wind screen.  Still I was groggy and couldn't focus much on stuff.

I came right back and sat here for the rest of the afternoon. Seems that both kinds of drops have their own side effects, and I was experiencing all of it.   So not much to report from KC today, other than it will take most of the next week to get the new specs.  And they will cost $200 after all the insurance payments for frames and lenses and the like.

But I ordered transition darkening lenses and the new anti glare coating, and they are tri focals for us old geezers that got started with lines and won't switch...  With the eye exam, the bill would have been the best part of a grand.  Man, nothing seems cheap anymore......

Retired Rod


  1. Sounds like the only thing you left off the new specs is automatic defrosting, and air conditioning.I have to get mine rechecked, my Doc wants it every year due to the diabetes. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. I always have Jim drive me to the eye doctor because I know I can't see after the dilation. All I want to do is shut my eyes. Glad you made it home safe. I am dreading betting my glasses replaced because I know how expensive it is. Jim has the tri focals and it took him awhile but he finally got used to them.

  3. Maybe that's why your post looks a little fuzzy around the edges today!

  4. You made it home safe from the eye doctor.... And then went out on a motor scooter. Did I read that right or was
    I seeing no common sense between the lines?? And your better half is a Registered Nurse?..I need my eyes checked.


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