Monday, June 11, 2012

Surfing the net and staying home......

Since I wrote two posts for yesterday, with the second post explaining how the mechanics of the bike ride took place, if you haven't read them both drop back and catch the second part.

Our day here started sunny but for some reason I wasn't too interested in running right out and going biking......  I was going to go get a burger, but the sun began to duck under the clouds.  The weather man was calling for thunder storms.

So I just had a couple of hot dogs from one of the packages that were left over from grandma making dogs and macaroni for the grand kids.  Oh, and they officially went home yesterday while I was off biking all over Kansas.

While my DIL is still on crutches and does have a broken bone in her foot, she will not have to have surgery and will recuperate with a boot and those crutches.  I guess that was a favorable outcome, but she still has a few weeks to deal with it.  I know she was relieved to not have the surgery part!

So we hung back today relaxing from the big week that we had.  So not much new to report from here.

Retired Rod


  1. I always enjoy your biker posts, I kinda miss my Harley,but my wife says I am old enough to deal with it.I wonder if that means I could go to a Harley shop and just look at another dresser.Nope no place tp put it on our fiver, and i don't want to trade for a toy hauler. Hey be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. love your biking posts too, and I don't miss my bike..I often ask Rick if he misses his..and he says not..but sometimes I wonder...I think we prefer the motorhome..less bugs in our teeth that sure had a busy week...glad to took a rest day

  3. A day of relaxation is a good thing.

  4. Resting up for a day after a long, busy one is a good idea. I know I need a day or so now to recuperate after any extra exertion.


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