Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hanging around KC

Wow, I missed yesterday to post a blog. I got home after a long day of auction and then shuttling cars back to the warehouse for most of the afternoon. I was tired.

I only sat down in the big chair for just a minute, thinking I would make some supper later on, and the next thing I knew it was 10 PM. I was just out like the proverbial light.

So I did read a few blogs, and then just turned in. I wouldn't have made much sense anyway.

So today it was mow the yard day in the morning, and then back over to the car lot to work on the new to us cars that we brought home this week. Mostly cleaning projects to the interiors and waxing and polishing for the outsides.

We did get a replacement Nissan Altima for the one that we sold last Saturday. This one isn't as new as the blue one, but is more our demographic of cars that we handle. It is a 2005 2.5S but it has wheels and leather seats. It is still the 4 cylinder car that gets the good mileage, and does not have the skyroof.

It is a light silver color and is quite sharp. I believe it has about 55K miles on it. That is not too many, since we see them all the time with over 100K. Sometimes 150K.

Now we need to get them all on the internet, which is mostly Chris' job. I generally handle the logistics part of the deal where it takes two people to shuttle these all around.

Grandma Loyce has been taking care of the youngest grand daughter most of the week, and she even stayed overnight with us on Tuesday. You can not be partial to any of your grandchildren, as they are all gifts from God, but we really enjoy having Delaney with us.

But tomorrow we will have the second youngest granddaughter, to go swimming in the big pool over at the homeowners association pool for our development. It is a nice pool but it can become very busy. The gals that go in the morning, are usually the ones with small children. So grandma fits right into the group. Then maybe McDonalds for lunch. Areally big deal!

We are just hanging out here this week helping the kids and grandkids, perhaps making their lives a little easier as they go about their respective jobs.

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