Saturday, September 12, 2009

911 and the ham club meeting

Today was lawn care day. I had the newly tuned up lawn boy running early in the morning, and followed it all around the yard trimming and mowing stuff in smaller areas. Followed by the rider tractor, to knock out the bigger parts of the yard.

Next the string trimmer, and then the blower. That took about until noon or so. I did some of the odd jobs, that seem to go with home ownership. You know the screen was off the window in the basement window emergency well.

I don't crawl into big window wells to well at my age, so that was a challenge. I managed to get down the ladder far enough to get the screen out of the hole, and washed it all up. After lowering it back into the window well, I went inside and down the basement to open the window and remount it in the frame it had come out of.

I thought at first when it was out of the frame, that someone had tried to pry open the window, but there is no damage to the frame anywhere, so now I think it is just the wind, or the neighborhood kids.

Tonight is the ham club meeting, and I need to leave here momentarily, so this will be the posting for today.

We spent some time thinking of the New Yorkers and peril from 8 years ago. Then I saw one of the actors on TV claiming that 911 was a conspiracy by our politicians. Where do they get ideas like that? Some of our society is whacko!

Without regard to political aspirations, I surely hope we do not forget how we lost 3,000 folks and became complacent towards our safety. If we do, it will surely happen again. I'm not sure how we could live it down a second time. Its not like we don't know about it now.

Retired Rod


  1. The 'grassy knoll' conspiracy types keeping popping up it seems. From 911 to the 'birthers', they don't seem to accept the kind of absolute proof that is convincing to most normal people. Guess that's why they are 'wackos'!!

  2. Conspiracy whackos!! Just seems to be the same mindset bunch with their negative unrealistic approach looking to bring attention to themselves all the time!!

  3. Hey Rod... 9-11 was a horrific event in our history and I do NOT believe for one minute that it was any kind of conspiracy by anyone in our government! These people think they have to look like they are knowledgeable when all they look like is STUPID! It just burns me up!!!!

    Travel Safe


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