Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hamfest in St Joe, Missouri

I was up in time to see the sun rise at 6 AM this morning, and off to the Saturday Hamfest in Saint Joeseph Missouri.  That is about an hour or more North of us here is South KCK.

It seemed kind of low keyed, but since I knew a bunch of the folks that did show up, I was busy talking all the time.  One by one I renewed old friendships, and built some new ones too.

But one of my Iowan friends had a new radio that he decided against for sale.  And I thought I needed it!  So money that I didn't plan on spending somehow leaked out of my jeans.  Damn I hate it when that happens!

I bought a new to Steve one month ago Icom ID 880 d Star radio.  I said I wasn't going to do it, but weakened in the clutch.

This is one complicated piece of equipment, as it is completely digital, sending your voice out as digital zeros and ones.  If you listen to it on a regular FM modulated radio, it is transmitting white noise.  This noise is converted and sent over the internet to a distant computer and radio system in the town that you program as a destination. Or the person that you program.

My knowledge is dangerous, but I have been spinning the dials ever since acquiring it.  Almost forgetting about the blog over it tonight as well.  That wouldn't be right so I'm trying to make up for it now.

I have been up for 18 hours, so I need to seek foregivness and blog more tomorrow, as we have had the grandkids this afternoon as well and I am killed.

Retired Rod

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