Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Newer Blogger Editor, and a new compressor.

Since I am still using Ubuntu on my old desktop, and I have never mustered enough energy to install windows from scratch under the virtual box session that I installed this week, I was more than interested in a proposal from Al of the Bayfield Bunch.

He invited us to turn on the new improved blogger editor client.  Well its not really a client that is installed on your machine, but rather their client on the website.  But at least it is newer and has more gadgets.  You have to go select it under settings basic at the bottom of the page.

I oh so wanted it to drop pictures right in your text where the cursor is located at the time, like windows live writer.  And I just tried it and it worked.  And,  you do have the choice to change size on the fly and location in the text on the fly.  This is better, and easier.

Maybe if I get off my backside, and install the windows prog, I can use live writer.  But that invalidates the reason that I loaded linux on the computer in the first place.  I wanted rid of ole bill g and his predatory buddies.  OK i'll get down off my soap crate, and go back to the hole in the ground where I live.

I spent the day on the scooter.  Drove all over town.  Stopped and looked at air compressors in oodles of big box lumber stores.  Logged about 60 miles on the scooter, and burned at least .7 of a gallon of gas.  Or perhaps about 3 liters.

I finally said heck man, make a decision!  So late in the afternoon, I went with the Camry and purchased a Porter Cable oiless, 6 gallon pancake, 150 PSI compressor to carry in the motorhome.  I still have to see if it will fit into one of the outside compartments. I sure hope so.

The reason I need yet another compressor, is that RV tires take over 100 pounds of air, and the old travel trailer only required 50 or so.  Up to now I have always purchased cheap Harbor Freight units that only go to 100 pounds.  They've done the job until we got the motorhome.

It is imposible to air a 100 pound tire with a 100 pound tank.  Or at least it takes for ever, and you never really reach total tank pressure.  So this bigger fellow will have 6 gallons of 150 pound air, to come closer to the 120 pound maximum that the motorhome tires are capeable of carrying.

It is a noisy fellow, as I had to hook it up and leave the drain open for 15 minutes of run in time to run in the new motor.  There was a big yellow sheet in the instruction book requiring this before closing it up to build pressure. It seemed loud while it ran for 15 minutes straight.

This unit runs $179 USD at the Home Depot, without any air tools, or comes bundled with three nailers for a much larger price.  I didn't want to spend that much!  But my riding from HD to HD here in the suburbs, paid off as I found one of the stores that had a coupon on the box for $25 off.  And also less sales tax as well.  So now we were back to $154.  Deal!   So I went back with the car to pick it up.

Tonight we went out to the local Cracker Barrel for grub.   This is a weakness for me, as I feel like I have to eat all the food and several plates of biscuits for dessert.  They keep bringing seconds of more, if you ask for more.  I didn't need the more part, but oh well!

Retired Rod


  1. I've had that same air compressor in my workshop now for 5 yrs., Rod, and it's great - even if it does sound a bit like a 747!!

    The new Blogger Editor does make picture handling much easier for sure. However, when you look at it a bit closer, there are a few strange omissions - they've taken the spellchecker out! Weird!! Same with the video upload!! I'm still playing around with it to see what else is new or changed. But, it is a good step forward with the pics.

  2. We just bought that same compressor and love it. Yep, it is loud! But, it gets the job done.

    Have yet to try the new Blogger editor. Will have to give it a look.

    Have heard about you from several mutual friends. We're hanging in your neighborhood for the month. As KC natives, it's great to be back for awhile. Great blog!

  3. Rod, I seem to have caught the "keyboard clutch" problem Al talked about yesterday! I should have pointed out, for clarification, in my earlier comment that the new Blogger editor does in fact have spellchecking on the fly using the normal 'red underline' method, o.k. For whatever reason, they have just removed the spellcheck 'icon' that allows a complete spellcheck of the document.

  4. I have trouble with the editor spelling being for English as in England, and to some extent Canada too. Realize is ise and color is colour harbor is harbour and so forth. Center is centre, the list seems endless. But it has broadened my understanding of our language so maybe that is good. Since Blogger is a US based company, I wonder why they choose an International spell checker. Seems like everything is red underlined, should have paid better attention back in school! LOL

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