Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sirius Radio / Ham Club

Things are back to normal today as the new road is already old hat to the neighbors.  To me it still smells like curing tar.  Hope that goes away fairly quickly.

The big garbage truck came this morning, and made divot marks everywhere it went.  So the road is already on its way to destruction and it isn't 24 hours old.

This morning I went over to the RV and fired up the generator.  Next I set up the aircard and router to connect to Verizon.  Once that was running, I set up the laptop and it began to boot.  All of this was so I could press the button on the serius website to download the subscription I ordered last night for the rig's serius radio.

Normally they ask you to go turn on the radio, which is in your car in the driveway.  Since the motorhome was at the storage lot 8 miles away, it was hard to turn on the radio for the customer service rep.

She spent a moment teaching me how to send the signal from their web site.  It took about three minutes before the code came thru, and I was holding my breath that it would actually work.  But it did and I now have serius radio in the rig.

The Allegro has all sorts of electronic gadgets, and they take time to get set up.  Mostly they have subscriptions, and that means working with the associated companies to get it going.  They all have web sites, with user names I can't remember, and passwords to guess at.  The serius account has been in use since 2001, now what username was I using eight years ago?

Happily the direct tv and serius folks are now up to date.

We have our almost three year old grand daughter Delaney here for this weekend, as her parents and older siblings have a funeral in a distant city.  So not much was accomplished during the day except play with her.  I did sneak off for a long scooter ride while she took a nap.

Tonight was ham club night for me, so I just came home from GodFathers Pizza, where a mini personal pan and lemonade found their way onto my tray.

Now its late and everyone went to bed, all except the old blogger....

Retired Rod


  1. We love our Sirius Satellite Radio & wouldn't leave home without it. Soooooo glad to be away from commercial radio stations!!

  2. Rod...I'll have to get my wife to read your blog as she thinks I'm the world's worst 'techie toy' collector! With your ham radio and sirius satellite, I think you've left me in the dust!! And, don't forget the scooter, too!


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