Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogger's editor.

I have forgotten how awful using the blogger editor is when it comes to adding pictures. I have been using my desktop computer, which is a very old Dell, like over 10 years, and the Ubuntu distribution program of linux. I works super, except. You have Microsoft nothing!

That means you don't have Microsoft Live Writer. Ugg. You have to struggle with the blogger editor to do your blog. That's ok if all you want to do is text, but dropping in pictures is no where close to as easy.

Yesterday I ordered some new sandals. I order from, and they are here overnight. I assume before you have time to get buyers remorse, and take them back. So I wanted to insert their picture here.

And of course it put them in at the top of the page. Boy am I spoiled by live writer. I can control exactly how I want the picture to look, and the exact size and placement, and drop it exactly where it should go. Put on a watermark and so forth. Maybe I could run live writer with WINE. That's is linux emulation program that runs under Ubuntu, and runs windows based programs. I'm still struggling to get those shoes down from the top of the page.

There I got them to the right, and smaller. These are open running style shoes, They have sandal style open sides for plenty of air and will not be effected by water, when I get them wet at the lake. I am hopeful that they will be just the ticket for my diabetic feet. I seem to have really bad burning sensation problems with closed shoes. Time will tell.

The shoes arrived mid morning, and it was a good thing too because it was raining some more. We were not concerned though, since we had the 3 month old grand daughter for a few hours, while her mom ran an erand at their RV storage lot in the next county. She is such a joy to take care of.

She only fusses when her tummy is empty, or her back side is messy! Otherwise she sets in her swing and giggles as is swings back and forth. If you pick her up, she wants to go back to the swing just as soon as you complete your business.

Tonight we went out to a real oil cloth, hole in the wall Chinese joint, that advertised a buffet. They had quite a few selections on their steam tables, and I was pleasantly surprised at the food, given the ratty condition of the restaurant. We might go back, but given Loyce's tendency to have everything super spotless, I'd bet not! But I was stuffed at a cheap price, what's not to like?

I didn't even read any blogs tonight, opting to watch coverage of Pres Obama's health care speech. I'll leave the political bit for other venues. After that our KC Royals were playing baseball, and winning, which is a pause for rejoicement.

I gotta get live writer running on this Operating System, this editor is the pits!

Retired Rod

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  1. Hey Rod - Ubuntu? Wow, good for you! Wine is a difficult program to get to work and most get really frustrated with it. However, there is a much easier way to do it using another emulator-VirtualBox! ( It's free and once you download and install it you can create a 'virtual machine' running Windows within Ubuntu. Here are the step-by-step instructions for installing a Windows OS in Virtual Box on your Ubuntu computer:

    It may seem complicated, but it's not really. Once you have installed Windows, then of course you can install LiveWriter and you're all set to go.


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