Monday, September 21, 2009

Cracker Barrel and Washing cars.

Since the grand kids stayed overnight, we were up again early today.  They get up with dawn, no matter when dawn comes.  But now that the days are shorter, they sleep in better.

We had planned to meet Chris and Melissa at Cracker Barrel at 9:30, and thought that would be no problem, but with the baby something always seems to stall us out.  We were fashonably 15 minutes late. LOL.

I ate the entire restaurant,  except what Chris ate!  Well it seemed like they should have been out of food.  We came back to the house and loaded all the kid stuff into their car.  They headed off somewhere about noon.  Chris had to fly out to his distant city by 5 PM, so we tried to not hold the up.

This after noon became a wash the cars day, as I ran the pressure washer for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

After washing the scooter, I rode over to Ben's to see how his family was doing.  We just hung out in the driveway, while his kids played in the neighborhood.  Some plans were formulated as they will be heading off on a trip next week.  We are the babysitter for their youngest, as she will not ride for ten hours as well as the older kids.

Tonight has been spent messing with the new d-star ham radio, to try and improve the learning curve.  I checked into a world wide net in the late evening, and it is still talking as I write this. I heard the lady who runs the net say they had 56 folks come in and say hello.  I heard England and Australia, but didn't listen all the time, as I had a phone call in the middle.

Nothing exciting, but the day is gone just the same.

Retired Rod

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